'Treating Animals Big and Small'

 Newsletter  Issue 1 October  15


Caroline will be presenting her Bach Flowers insights into how the essences work with animals. This is for registered Bach Flower Practitioners. 
 21st October 2015


About Me

I am so excited to announce the launch of The Hoof & Paw Academy and my accredited on line courses.  I will share over the coming months different topics relating to Flower essences & crystal healing.  and how various therapies can promote positive change in your animals, both emotionally and physically. From the moment I can remember, my love of animals was huge, ranging from dogs, cats, horses, mice, rabbits to crazy biting terrapins. They taught me from a young age, love, responsibility and the cycle of life.

My life story is probably the same as most, as we all walk a road filled with happiness and sadness. Through my own passage, it has always been filled with animals and my love and respect of animals.  With my passion in Holistic Therapies and the start of my journey to find me’. With my animals at my side and massive enthusiasm to learn.

My path has always been filled with animals and over many years I have trained  with some of the best teachers in the world. I have certificates from; Frans Steine, Kathleen Prasad, Nayana Morag, The Bach Flower Centre in Oxford and the Natural Animal Centre in Wales. However for me the biggest lesson has been to teach from my own experience and to listen to the animals. I have animal clients all over the world and have treated various emotional issues ranging from; Agoraphobia, Autism, Fear, Grief, OCD, Self-Harming to lacking Confidence, Over Confidence, Dominance, Fear of the dark, the Postman, the Husband, the Cat and so much more.  Being able to promote peace and tranquility back into their lives fill me with joy.

I approach my holistic animal therapies by working from a place of no ‘ego’ and listening to what the animals have to say and then listening to what their human has to say.   My Holistic role is to bring understanding on both sides approaching the problem with experience, empathy and understanding and most of all listening, finding the root of the problem promotes change. The more we move away from what is natural and instinctive for our animals the more likely they are to have emotional and perhaps physical problems. There will be

"I promise to teach my classes with integrity and hope you will enjoy taking part as much as I will enjoy teaching".

                                                    Caroline Thomas


Having had a life-long passion for animals, Emma qualified
as a veterinary surgeon in 2008. She worked in full time equine vet practice for 4 years before having her daughter. Emma has recently set up her freelance veterinary acupuncture practice, offering acupuncture to horses, dogs andcats across much of Herts, Cambs, Beds and Essex. In her spare time, Emma loves spending time with family, friends and with her animals, and when she gets the chance enjoys drawing and painting.'

 If you would like to contact Emma for an acupuncture consultation for your animal please  click on her link.

I am so happy that Emma has agreed to be my guest vet contributor. She will share her vast knowledge on a range of subjects. Next month she will be writing about fireworks and the medication and treatment used for animals who are frightened of the noise and flashes. I have taught Emma Level 1 animal Reiki and I love her approach to true 'balance' - The holistic world  meets veterinary medicine and there is complete unity.

Emma and myself will be working very closely together over the coming year.  This will be on a  Reiki project which we will  happily share with  you once it is finalised and ready.

Flower Essence of the Month

Conifer Mazegill (Bailey) This essence is made from a beautiful bracket fungus that lives on dead conifer wood. It is stunningly beautiful and the first essence I have personally come across that is made from a fungus. It is a powerful essence for anything that is life changing in your animal's life, which includes anything that is sudden or abrupt. Gosh! in an animals life that could cover a multitude of events. Bereavement would be at the top of my list, change of owner, change of food, environment etc. When something has to die (stop) it is replaced by something new, just like the Conifer Mazegill which mirrors this exactly by replacing dead wood with new growth. This is a perfect example of the doctrine of signatures. With animals you have to think 'literally' so if anything happens that is sudden or abrupt think of this essence

            Crystal of the Month

As Halloween draws in this beautiful orange stone as an array of gifts that it can offer any animal. This crystal aids confidence, low self esteem and releases sorrow as it helps to lift depression.  It helps animals who have apathy and don’t seem ‘with it’. Think of this stone as your sunshine stone as it will bring a ray of sunshine to your elderly animal that may be fading in their final years. It helps animals who are lacking in focus and understanding. It is also good for animals that have a poor appetite and are feeling weak during an illness.

I am pleased to introduce my four Newsletter editors 
always happy to voice their opinions

Matilda says I Know Everything

I used to be a witches cat in one of my past lives and know all there is to know about everything magical. I was one of the first Egyptian cats and I was worshiped like a god. I am all knowing and I am deeply connected to the earth. I like to be aloof and like to watch all that goes on around me. I help my person when she teaches a 'Reiki' class and show her that animals do not really appreciate hands on 'Reiki' as I definitely like my own space and like to come and go as I please. My person has been cleansing and charging her crystals in the moon cycles ready for her Animal Crystal workshop at Remus Horse Sanctuary on the 7th of November. Sometimes I like to go and sit by them when she is not watching as I LOVE the energy of the crystals. They are ancient and magical just like me but don't tell her as this is my secret.
 I am so happy tonight 27/9/15 as it is a Total eclipse. The moon will turn blood red and will appear brighter and bigger than usual this is because everywhere the sun is setting on the earth or rising on the earth and the glow is falling over the moon. This is one of the most beautiful spectacles in nature and will take place between 3:11am until 4:22 am in the early hours of Monday morning. lenny, Reuben, Tara and I can't wait to see the Blood Moon.

Lunar Calendar Full Moon 2015

October 27

Dates of The Crystal Healing Modules 2016 = 7 Places Left

24th January 16 Animal Behaviour – Module 1 E mailed 02/01/16 (Payment ASAP)
21st February 16 Stress in animals – Module 2 E mailed 06/02/16 (payment by 24/01/16
20th March 16 – Nutrition – Module 3 E mailed 05/03/15 (Payment by 21/02/16)
24th April 16 Gem Essences s - Module 4 E mailed 2/04/16 (Payment by 20/03/16) 2pm
29th May 16 The do's and don'ts of the vet world – Module 5 Emailed 7/04/16 (payment by 24/04/16 11am
19th June 16 The animal Aura - Module 6 E mailed 4/06/16 (payment by 29/05/16) 11am
24th July 16- Preparing for an animal cryatal session Module/listening and responding 7 E mailed 2/07/16 (Payment by 26/06/16)

Tara says I like to listen and learn

 Dates of The Bach Flower Modules 2016

I am interested in the environment and like to look out for the birds and bees.
This month I want to mention our feathered friends and to remind you that October-to late April is the time that they need our help. Food is hard to find in the winter months and seeds are scarce in early Spring.
Do:- Feed mixes which contain maize, sun flower seeds, Nyer seeds and peanut granules have a high fat content,lard and beef suet are good and oatmeal is also very good but not cooked. Fresh meal worms can be fed all year and you can replace meal worms with tinned dog or cat food. Do not feed dried cat or dog food. Unsalted cooked brown or white rice can be fed during severe winter weather. Birds love fresh coconut and you can use the coconut shell for your home made bird cakes.
Don't:-Feed polyunsaturated margarine and vegetable oils because birds need a high level of saturated fat.  Cooking fat from roasting tins and dishes is not good for birds. Mixtures that contain split peas, beans, and dried rice should not be used as only the big birds can eat these. Never give milk to any bird as they cannot digest milk which could cause a serious stomach upset or death but birds can digest dairy products such as cheese, and never feed dessicated coconut to birds as it may swell and cause death.
Lenny and I were discussing recipes today and I would like to include

Tara's Bird Cake Recipe 

1/2 lb fresh ground suet
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
2/3 cup wild bird seed
1/8 cup chopped unsalted peanuts
1/4 cup currants

Melt suet in a saucepan over a low heat, allow it to cool thoroughly then reheat it
Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl
Allow the suet to cool until slightly thickened then stir it into the mixture into the mixture bowl, mix thoroughly and pour into a clean coconut shell.

Ps. Halloween is fast approaching and I just want to warn my furry friends to stay away from the trick and treat goodies. Sweet and fatty people food is not good for our tummies but for those of us that can't resist the temptation I would like to tell you about the benefits of fresh unsweetened pumpkin. If you overindulge and have a tummy upset causing constipation or Diarrhea ask your mom to give you one or two tablespoons of pumpkin daily until it has cleared. Pumpkin is a nutrition power house but I will let Lenny tell you all about it.   

24th January 16 Animal Behaviour – Module 1 E mailed 02/01/16 (Payment by 21/12/15
21st February 16 Stress in animals – Module 2 E mailed 06/02/16 (payment by 24/01/16
20th March 16 – Nutrition – Module 3 E mailed 05/03/15 (Payment by 21/02/16)
24th April 16 Meditation/connecting to Bach Flowers - Module 4 E mailed 2/04/16 (Payment by 20/03/16)
29th May 16 The do’s and don’ts of the vet world – Module 5 Emailed 7/04/16 (payment by 24/04/16
- Module 6 E mailed 4/06/16 (payment by 29/05/16)
- Module 7 E mailed 2/07/16 (Payment by 26/06/16)

Reuben says I know what's best for me

I insisted on being microchipped because I won't wear a collar I just don't like them but for my other feline friends who feel undressed without their "bling" I would like to share some safety tips. Kittens should not try to be grown up and wear a collar under 6 months and when old enough to wear one it should either have a safety clasp with a quick release or a buckle collar with an elastic strip attached. For a safe fit your people should be able to fit two fingers between your neck and and the collar. Some cats like me never get used to wearing a collar so let your people know that until you get used to wearing one it should be under people supervision. My clever mum makes magical holistic collars like the one I am wearing above. If you would like one then click on this link.

"Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers"

Lenny says Mommy knows what's best for me

"When I cut my paw Mommy used coconut oil as a disinfectant to help improve healing. I am not overweight as Mommy says that coconut oil balances my metabolism and keeps my weight under control, it also improves digestion and is a medicine for most digestive upsets. Mommy gives me Virgin coconut oil because she says that it is natural and unrefined. Mommy says that there are many benefits of coconut oil for dogs and can be given internally or applied externally providing remedies for many skin infections, smelly coats, hot spots, yeast infections and cracked paws. It can reduce cancer risks and can be used to reduce arthritic pain"

Recipe of The Month

As Halloween is approaching lenny wanted to share his pumpkin biscuit recipe

If your dog has grain allergies you can use quinoa flour.  If you can't find unsweetened tinned pumpkin you can steam fresh pumpkin. 

Lenny's Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup pumpkin purée
  • 2 tablespoons dry milk
  • ⅛ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon dried parsley
  • 2½ cups rice flour, corn flour, or whole wheat flour

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Whisk together eggs and pumpkin in a medium bowl. Stir in dry milk, sea salt, and parsley.
  • Gradually add flour (corn or rice) to pumpkin mixture and stir until a stiff, dry mixture is formed.
  • Roll out dough onto a smooth surface, ¼ – ½” thick. Cut into shapes with cookie cutter.
  • Bake for 40 minutes, turning biscuits over halfway through. Let cool.
  • Optional: If biscuits are sticky and hard to roll, add 1-3 tablespoons of rice or corn flour.

How to make a doggy pumpkin lantern for Halloween

Choose a photograph of your dog 
Enlarge image to fit on the centre of your pumpkin, leaving a few inches of surrounding space. With a marker trace the outline of your dogs head either gently on the screen with tracing paper or simply draw the image yourself. cut the face out and tape it  onto your hollowed out pumpkin. Special carving tools can make it easier but you can use a sharp knife and and tooth picks to outline the image.

Have fun this 
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