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Words of love and kindness have a wonderful affect on everything. Who and what are you loving today?
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ARTSCAPE classes continue. Groups of up to 4 students, alternate Saturdays starting September at 10:30 am, fees $30 pp
I am always available for private or semi-private lessons.
ORGANIC VOICE  LESSONS  Have you been told you are tone deaf or you can't sing? Don't believe it. Learn to sing in an informal, caring atmosphere.  Call Georgia: 519.433.8287 $30 - each half hour class
HEALING  begins with you. It is your birthright to have a peaceful, prosperous life filled with love and happiness. You deserve to do this for yourself. Call me now to experience All that is possible and claim your destiny.
HAPPINESS: is your key to prosperity, health, love and all your dreams. Feel Happy, Be Happy, Choose Happy.  Embrace your dreams.
          YOUR JOURNEY CD's now available
Order directly from www.spiritgirl.net CD's are available at any time. To read more about them visit the Books & Cd's page and click on the link beside each item.
Find out what it takes to put HAPPINESS into your life in only 9 steps. Click on the link to read more or to BUY NOW.
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