Dear Prospective Employee,

This is inform you that the HR Department of Andalas Specialist Medical Hospital has shortlisted and selected you as one of the qualified candidate that will work in Andalas Specialist Medical Hospital, Malaysia after thoroughly reviewing your CV in, the screening department requires a few more details from your end to substantiate and confirm the details in your resume.

Listed below are our current and available vacancies open for immediate employment.

Skills:Trainee/Intern,Doctor,Physician,Dietician,Consultant,Pathologist,Surgeon,Orthopaedist,Psychiatrist,Specialist Medicine, Nephrologist, Physiotherapist,Psycologist,Occupational Therapist,Microbiologist, Chemist,Optometrist, Radiologist, Pharmacist,Perfusionist, Anaesthetist, Ayurvedic Doctor, Opthalmologist, Nurse, Hearing Aid Technician, Lab Technician, Bio-chemist, Radiographer, ECG/ CGA Technician, Operation Theater Technician, Medical Of, Dermatologist, ENT Specialist, Gastronomist / Gastrologist, Gyanecologist, Medical Lab Supervisor, Medical Superintendent/Dean/director, Neurologist, Hepatologist, Oncologist, Pediatrician, Pulmonologist, Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist, VP - Operations/ COO, SBU Head /Profit Centre Head, CEO/MD/ Country Manager, Director on Board, Other Health Care/ Hostpitals Positions.

Type: Contract (Two Years)

Salary Range: 5000 USD to 14,000 USD

Hence provide the information required below and send an updated copy of your resume to ( to enable the screening department confirm and authenticate your details:

Full Name:

Country of Residence:


Direct Contact Number:

Current Job Position:

Position Desired:

Current Monthly Salary:

Expected Monthly Salary:

Notice Period:

There shall be no other form of interview as this is an online recruitment process and your basis of selection will be strongly based on your professional experience and some core values that will be found in your resume by the screening department. If selected, there will only be an orientation and training section for you to educate you more on your environment and the challenges facing you.

We looking forward to hearing from you.

Human Resources Department

Andalas Specialist Medical Hospital.

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