Make14Me.Com - Make One For Me - Looking For Local NYC Florist


Dear Floral Artist,


Allow me to introduce my VASE ART to your shop.


We early birds are seeking advertising or consignment space, just in time for the many holidays when your local flower lovers Will be coming by to see you,

...Allow us to be part of all of you special days.


Our shop advertising consist of 8x10 wood framed ads

with card holders,

 2ft banners, window decals,

as well as online grab a <codes> link ads,

We will gladly exchange with local florist

 from the New York City Area.


 All can be found on our homepage


Our goal is to find the florist that wants to keep it a

complete work of art , with the creation of a great floral Art of arrangemant.


At  Make14me.Com We target your local flower lover

Lets keep it filled!


Come play with us

 Use us in your windows displays

Enjoy us for your special promotions full of color and magic.


We are in a great price range and also Eco friendly, and best of all ,

 They are all 1-of-a-kind works or art.


Call  917-727-VASE or write me to set up appointment to view our VASE ART.


.Many thanks for your time and consideration.

May all your days ,be better then business as ususal

Abby Hinds



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