5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Results!


Living a lifestyle of exercising and eating right isn't always convenient or even easy for that matter but it's necessary to being healthy.  Many times a person may be trying to do that very thing but notices that they are not quite getting the results they would like.  A lot of times there are little things that we may be doing or may not be doing that will hinder us from achieving the fitness goals we are looking for.  

The following are 5 reasons why this may be happening to you and what to do to address it.  

1) Working out too much: This may sound crazy to some, after all exercise is a good thing how can working out too much be a bad thing? Here's the reason, our bodies are designed in such a way that rest and recovery go hand in hand. Recovery after a workout and between sessions plays just as big a role as our workouts.  You can't go 110 percent intensity all the time every session non-stop with no breaks.  What will happen is that your body will begin to break down. 

For example, you will have a harder time recovering between workouts if your training sessions are always extremely intense. You will increase the chances of getting injured, as well as compromise your immune system causing you to be more susceptible to getting sick more often. Lastly, you will release a stress hormone called cortisol that will interfere with your lean muscle building and fat loss efforts. 

Muscle growth and fat burning doesn't happen in the gym it's during the recovery process.  Yes too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Make sure to let your body adequately recover between workouts, stay hydrated, eat right, stretch and "foam roll" between sessions to help alleviate soreness and recovery and lastly get a good nights sleep that's extremely important as well.  

2) Doing The Same Workouts: Continuously doing the same exercise routine over and over again will hinder you from getting maximum results. The body will eventually adapt to the routine and plateau causing you to stop making muscle gains or lose weight.  

Remember the small women's only gym called Curves? They came on the scene like gangbusters opening locations everywhere and introducing a circuit style of 30 minute workouts.  The concept was good but where they failed was in the fact that they did not diversify the workouts.  The ladies would do the same workout day after day over and over with no real change to the program. The ladies would lose weight initially but then would stop losing weight after the first few months. That was a direct result of the program being the same with no change.

3) Working Out Inconsistently: This one is pretty obvious but I believe it needs to be addressed.  When I have a client that signs up to train with me 3x a week and wants to lose a significant amount of weight I also say if you train with me 3x per week you still need to do cardio 2-3 days per week as well.  My point is, to maximize results you will definitely have to put in some work no doubt about it. If you're serious about getting results you will have to stick to a consistent results based workout plan.  If your goal is weight loss then three full body boot camp style workout sessions per week with a minimum of 2-3 days of intense cardio preferably "HIIT Training"  is required. If your goal is to build serious muscle then you have to hit the weights 4-5x a week. 

4) Poor Eating Habits: There is no getting around this one! You cannot out exercise a bad diet it doesn't matter how hard you train or how many days you train.  If your eating habits are poor then you will sabotage your chances of getting maximum results.  I tell my clients it's 70%  what you eat and 30% workout.  It's more like 60/40 but the fact remains if you're not eating right you will not get the results you are looking for.There is just no way around it!

5) Not Enough Compound Movements: I wrote about this in my last newsletter, the importance of compound movements is imperative when you want to maximize results.  It doesn't matter if your goal is weight loss or to gain a lot of muscle, compound movements are a must in your exercise program.  

Compound movements are multi-joint exercises that incorporate several muscles during a movement. These exercises on average are more effective than traditional "isolation exercises."  Exercises like dead lifts, squats, pull-ups, squat/presses,military presses, push-ups etc are required to maximize fat loss and lean muscle building efforts. 

These 5 reasons will go a long way in helping you get in tremendous shape and enable you to get the results you are looking for.

Yours in health

John Gonzalez
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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