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November 10,2011                                            Tel; 647-352-1833

The Human Resource



Dear Sir/Madam:


I am writing to apply for a temporal staffing contract in your facility.Double Diamond Health Care Inc is a renowned Nursing Staffing Agency base in Toronto with a tracking record of over 4 years.We have full understanding of your expectation and that of the CNO.Our goal is to strive in continued excellence and work with you as a team to achieve the goals of your facility.

our pools of professional staff are Nurses(RN&RPN) and Personal Support Workers(P.S.W).They are well trained,dedicated to duties:they will care and work with love ones and show them emotional compassion,love and care.

All our services are provided at a competitive price.


                   Our Rate

Registered Nurse(RN)                          $38.00/Hour(hr)

Registered Practical Nurse(RPN)          $27.00/Hour(hr)

Personal Support Worker(P.S.W)          $17.00/HOUR(hr)


We hereby propose to you our qualified and experience Nurses and Personal Support Workers to fill in all temporal(on call) position within your facility.

I will be more than greatfull to meet again with you to show you how our staffs will contribute to the success of your facility.

Please feel free to call me at 647-352-1833 or 1-888-801-7538 so that we can discuss this further.If i don't hear from you by the end of this week,i will follow up with you and see if we can set up a meeting at your convenience.

While hoping to hear from you soonest,have a great day.


Yours truly,

Agbor Ndakaw

Managing Director  



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