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The indoctrination of feathers started in the summer of 2011 by two adventurous, intelligent, vulnerable and sensual women willing to share the ideology that it is ok to express our deepest erotic desires. This web based ecommerce sex boutique is designed to satisfy the uninhibited responsibly mature woman seeking a sexy online atmosphere catering to their exclusive needs and desires. The goal is to create a unique experience for our customers (featherettes) that keep them “cuming and cuming” for more of the ultimate feather experience.


Conceptually, this unique online storespecializing in erotic pleasures for women, takes the sterile, masculine approach of the past and replaces it with a sensual, feminine and romantic environment where the focus is on customer satisfaction. With our product selection, we have taken out all the fluff and invite the feathers customer to be aroused, titillated, uninhibited, seduced, pleasured, renewed and unmasked with our insatiably sinful erotic sex aids while using some of the industries premier providers of erotic play like California Exotic Novelties, Pipedreams and Lelo.


The New York Daily News reports that even in the face of a shaky economy, the sale of sex toys remains strong for sex shops and online retailers. With this knowledge feathers plans to increase our brand visibility through brand integration by incorporating unique partnerships with our services that include an array of sex toys, and a Party Wish List allowing our clients, buying increased quantities, a discounted rate. In the future our goal is to grow our brand with “featherette” exotic parties, erotic themed party services,workshops, and vendor referrals.



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