Curvy Girl Launch - September Offer


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Hi all!


Welcome to our new friends & of course a big Hullooooo! to all our dedicated members


Well it's the downhill slide to summer, we are super excited ... the world cup is about to start, daylight savings is nearly here and it's time to dust off the summer wardrobe!



It's a good a time as any to pull ourselves out of bed a little earlier every moring- and get moving!


This month we have launched Curvy Girl and are very excited to have re-launched Bootie Camp for the Summer season!


Look forward to working with you all !


Have a super September and remember if you're not making're not moving fast enough!"


Kim Smith - Fitness Trainer


Curvy Girl











It's exclusive and it's only available to friends of


You may be a curvy girl yourself or know a Curvy Girl


Who is a Curvy Girl ?


She's passionate, positive and confident in her curves. She is moving forward to better health. She's comfortable in her body and knows FITNESS COMES IN MANY SIZES.


A Curvy Girl doesnt let her dress size dictate how she feels about herself.

She knows who she is, gets up when she falls and never gives up.

CurvyGirls are re-defining what fashion, fitness and beauty mean.

No matter where you are on your journey come and join us in the CurvyGirl Community for ideas, motivation and success stories from CurvyGirls everywhere.


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"Join the push to get fit- it's not just a walk in the park "



Mum's n Bubs Fitness has returned!


We are now servicing Auckland wide.

Coming to a coffee group near YOU!


Call Bootie Camp Trainer

Kim 027 486 5036


for more details or register


















Thanks again for supporting Women in Fitness - with Auckland Personal Trainers - we are so excited to have you as a part of our community- and as a thank you- current clients that refer a friend in September get 2 FREE one on one sessions!








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Reps trainers MUST complete on going training every year - and prove to the industry that they know what they are talking about and can provide you with safe and effective exercise pescription.

Like any other profession- choose a trainer that meets the industry standard. Would you go to a doctor if they couldn't show you their qualifications?.... Just like a doctor a personal trainer can save your life. Use a REPS registered fitness professional today!






















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