Hey all! Summer is here (sort of?) and that means- vacation! I’ll be out of town from Tuesday July 2nd through Thursday July 11th. I’ll be back in the office and taking appointments for Friday July 12th. Since I’ll be gone for a bit, I am offering these additional hours before and after my trip:
·         Sunday June 30th, 12-5pm
·         Monday July 1st, 4-8pm
·         Sunday July 14th, 12-5pm
·         Monday July 15th, 4-8pm
If you’d like to get in touch while I’m away, email will be the way to go. My phone is going to be OFF while I’m gone! And if you want to schedule an appointment for after I get back, feel free to do so through the Full Slate site at http://sonialmt.fullslate.com (there's a link to this page on my website too- just look for the big red button on the right of the page). I’ve asked a number of you how your experience using Full Slate has gone and I’m happy to hear that it’s been quick and easy for everyone.  
Secondly, I’d like to ask a favor of you. As you know, I am growing my practice and rave reviews from my favorite clients are one of the ways I am working on my marketing. Many of you found me through Yelp- new clients will often come to their first appointment and tell me that it was the reviews I’ve gotten on Yelp that prompted them to make an appointment. I’d like to take this one step further and add a Testimonials page to my website. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to answer the following questions?
1. What’s the best part about our work together? What makes you happy to see me when you  come in for a treatment?
2. Before coming to see me, what conditions were you experiencing that you needed relief from?
3. As a result of our work together, what are some of the top benefits you have experienced? The more specific the better.
4. What keeps you coming back?

No need to write a novel, even a sentence or two would be great. If you’ve already written a review on Yelp, I don’t mind one bit if you’d like me to just use that review verbatim- just let me know. And if you haven’t reviewed me on Yelp yet, feel free to copy and paste whatever you write to me on there as well :)

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me! Your support means a lot as I continue to grow my practice.

That’s it for now! Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you soon - and come check out my new office if you haven’t yet! :)


Sonia Maksimovich, LMT | 38-04 31st Ave | Astoria | NY | 11103