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Monday Jan. 24 - Drop-In $8

Snowflake Crafts- Love making snowflake cutouts! Well let’s take this a few steps further…you will learn advanced techniques for cutting snowflakes, then we will decorate them with foam glitter snowflakes, snowmen, and sequence.  Use your imagination to add even more with our endless supply of art materials!


Tuesday Jan.25 - Drop-In $6

Beautiful Bookmark- Using our wide array of ribbon and beads, we will teach you how to make a unique and one-of-a-kind bookmark.


Wednesday Jan. 26 - 4:30-5:30 $8

Tile Art- Choose from hundreds of tiles of every shape, size, and color!   From stars, flowers, hearts to squares, triangles and circles; use these tiles to create a mosaic of your initial.  You will get to take home your very own plaque that is designed by you!


Thursday Jan. 27 Drop-In $8

Shrinkable Fun- Remember Shrinky Dinks?!  In this always exciting class we will be creating key chains or bag pack charms your choice.  First we design, then we draw, shrink, and add beads to dangle and add some flair!


Friday Jan. 28 Drop-In $8

Foil Art- In this class we will look at pictures and examples of stained glass.  After observing the techniques of what stained glass projects look like we will create our own picture.  Using foil, plastic sheets, permanent markers and our imagination we will create a beautiful rendition of stained glass called Foil Art.


Saturday Jan. 29 10:30-11:30

Cartooning 101- Our most popular class!  Greg, a professional comic strip artist teaches this class.  Once you join, you will want to keep coming back!  Some of the examples from previous classes that he has taught in a step-by-step manner are Spiderman, Sponge Bob, and most recently Scooby Doo.  Each class is only $10, BUT now offering…..buy 4 and the 5 class is FREE!


Sunday Jan.30  11:00-12:30

All About Me- Each child will receive their own poster that highlights who they are and all of their favorite things. This class builds great self-esteem as kids love to be given something giant to decorate.   Plus, it makes a wonderful keepsake for this time of their life!



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