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Dear Earth~Angels,


I extend warm cyber hugs to you for joining our list to receive My Angels Love, Support and Guide Me's monthly newletter.

I am pleased to announce inside you will find many little treasures, from angel pictures to meditations, and free reading competions.



~We have lots of exciting and positive guidance, love and light to share.~


In every issue, we will be featuring an Archangel/Angel or Fairie Oracle Card reading, with a focus meditation or prayer that will enhance the beauty, love and light that the Angels, Archangels, and Fairies bless us with in Each of Our worlds.


I will be having little competitions, & games with the winners receiving card reading spreads or crystal healing packs. Be sure to follow me on facebook to get all clues that I may leave. I will also have every now and then coupon codes in here for you to use when ordering your reading spreads or crystal packs etc.


I am so blessed to share my gifts with you and I am so grateful to have you on my path of self~discovery and spiritual quest.


I love and embrace each and everyone of you.


I would just like to add I will be stocking in the near future "A Pocketful of Angels" oracle cards, for you to order.

Also to come are Healing crystal packs, & little healing snuggle pouches & teddies.


I look forward to lightening and brightening our worlds with angel light and fairy dust and positive fun with you.


Indepth Focused Readings

Be sure to visit my website www.myangelslovesupportandguideme.com               or email me at empathtash@myangelslovesupportandguideme.com  to order your reading, or take advantage of my free 2 card reading spread.

You can also find me at facebook@myangelslovesupportandguideme where i regularly give free 1 card readings.

~prices range from $11-$33~


~remember $5-$10 from all paid readings is donated to The Salvation Army Australia, also small donations for your free readings are welcome and much appreciated as we all do our part in keeping the flow of giving & taking balanced for us all~


~In the not to near future I will be offering live readings via Skype & Facbook chat, so be sure to listen out for that~




New soon to Be:


1 question focus readings $3


2 question focus readings $4






~As this is the 1st Edition of our e~newsletter, I am thinking I will keep it short and sweet. I would also greatly appreciate some input and feedback from you Earth Angels at home. As this e~newsletter is for You, Feel free to let me know what you are wanting to see in here. What kinds of extra guidance, fun, comps, you would like to see included. My knowledge and gifts are wide and varied, I am open and willing to share them with you, so dont hesitate to email me your suggestions.~


~I look forward to hearing them.~





~Your Angels Love You~


~Empath Tash~

~What the Archangels and Fairies are wanting us to Focus on this Month~


~I thought I would start our 1st e~newsletters Monthly Card Focus with the Fairies~




"Miracle Healing"


'what an amazing message we have been given to start off "My Angels Monthly Guidance e~newsletter"


"The Fairies are wanting us to focus on seeing our situations as being healed in the now, as they are in truth healed in spirit. The more you release the 'problem' to God, the Angels & Fairies, the quicker it will be healed in your physical world. The healed reality is one of several parallel realities currently available to you. The reality that you bring about depends on the choices you make on a daily even hourly basis, through your intentions, thoughts and emotions. The healed reality is accessed through your gratitude & faith."



'Our Prayer to God,'


"I am tired of thinking about this situation. I dont want to deal with it any longer. Here, I am giving the entire thing to You so that You can think about it and resolve it. Thank You so much for taking care of everything."



'Then, detach completely from the situation. See yourself placing it in the palm of God's hand. Feel gratitude that your situation is now resolved, and be open to the creative solutions that greet you' 


Our Monthly Affirmation:


"In truth, everything and everyone, including myself, is healed right now. I focus on this truth, instead of an illusion of fear."






"Competition 1:"

I keep seeing 444 everywhere I have been going lately, so I figured I would have a little competion around this number.  The winner will recieve a Guardian Angel 3 card reading spread, printed, laminated & mailed to you with a crystal gift from your Guardian Angel. 


Now the fun part, how to win!


When My Angels Love, Support and Guide Me's facebook page gets to 444 connections from all around the world, I will give the person who is number 444 and the person who recommended them to "our" page the prize!


Now, get sharing and spreading "our" page to your friends and family, who knows, the winner could be "YOU"


Be sure to let the people you share this page with to let me know who sent them over, now to do this, (as this comp is only running through my website, they need to email me at, competition@myangelslovesupportandguideme.com 

and let me know that way.

~Good Luck~


~Remember you are all powerful, magical & Divine creatures of Mother Earth, Embrace that, Feel that & Love that~



 ~Brightest Blessings~

~Love, Light & Fresh Air~

~Empath Tash~

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