Barefoot Franciscan's Healing Ministry - Spiritual Sharings about  2012

Dear Friend

2012 is a time for effective change within all our lives. Are you ready to walk in love where there is absolutely no fear?

Back in 2006 , Brother Sean, AKA the Barefoot Franciscan Monk,was led to the desert by the Red Sea to enter a time of silence where he was guided by Jesus and Magdalene to take notes for their published Book, ‘Let Your Light Shine for 2012.’

For details about his unique healing ministry, above publication and CD 'Heal Yourself with the Christ Energies,' please click on image below:

The Cosmic Christ

Final energy update from Lauren Gorgo: 2012 - Think With Your Heart!

"A special note to healers: The Pleiadian High Council mention that those who do healing work will need to be extra vigilant in maintaining boundaries now…“For those of you with active roles of service in healing, we say this: stand your ground with regard to who you lend your energy to.  There will be increasing forces of ill-will trying to penetrate the earth plane and healers will be an easy target due to their giving nature. Discernment and awareness will serve you well.”

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