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Welcome to my "Organizing TIPS" publication.  My goal is to provide you some important Organizational, Personal or Business-related ideas which you can immediately implement or use.



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Today's Organizing TIPS:

Wardrobe Organizing, Storage & Preservation




  • Don't overcrowd your closets.  Air circulation is critical for preserving fabrics.

Organize:  Avoid the cramming storage method.  It may be time to let go of those items. Letting go of unused items is extremely cathartic and frees up space. 

There are many ways to store items or free up more avoid the cramming method.   A few ways would include: 

  1. storing items in plastic containers (on wheels) under your bed
  2. use storage units which have dividers and compartments
  3. clear out empty boxes, bags, hangers...anything taking up space.
  4. donate unused items which either do not fit, are outdated, or year after year you keep saying you will wear it--but don't.

Label Stored Items: Whenever storing items in containers, boxes or bags...remember to label them and to keep "like" things together

  • Never store vintage, embellished gowns, knits or delicate items on hangers.

Always store these items flat.  Try wrapping each  item in acid-free tissue which is breathable then store in archival boxes.  Remember to label appropriately.

  • Never put worn items back in the closet next to clean ones.  Oils or perfumes from your body can act as magnets for material damaging insects, such as moths.

  • Don't keep clothes  near a window with sunlight or in plastic or vinyl bags.  Remember direct sun can fade fabrics.  That is also true about bedspreads.

  • Don't allow leather and denim items to come in contact with other clothes.  use breathable garment bags for hanging items, dust covers for handbags and individual boxes for footwear.  Placing these items unprotected in the closet will lead to dye transferring.

Leather items take longer to dry because they absorb a lot of water.  After cleaning, keep leather items (handbags, shoes and garments) outside the closet for a few days before placing them directly inside.  Items placed inside too soon could cause mildew and contaminate the closet.

  • Open your closet doors and leave a fan on in the room from time to time if you store off-season clothes in a closet which is not opened regularly.

  • Never store garments in basements or attics where the temperature and humidity levels are inconsistent.

  • Remove plastic from garments after being dry cleaned.  These bags do not allow the garment to breathe properly, which leads to fading.


"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned"


"National Association of Professional Organizers"

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