Happily Ever After in Fredericksburg

We had our Grand Opening on Friday, November 9th and it was a huge success.  Mayor Catherine Greenlaw cut the ribbon for us and we officially opened our doors at OddBox Studios.  We are a unique creative blend of  businesses that cater to the wedding industry on one hand and business on the other.  Come by our offices anytime and check out the new studio or schedule a tour of the one-of-a-kind cyclorama the recording studio.  Contact Mats Jerndal, owner of Oddbox Video & Photography at 201-424-6820 or oddboxvideo@me.com.

Tanya Patxot is the owner and chief photographer of A Timeless Touch Photography.  She has a very simple philosophy:  Capture the moment because, in her own words, "Some wish they had one, some lost the moment for one; some get lost in them.  some laugh-cry or tenderly smile from one. Some say it's worth a thousand words. For some, it's the first impression they will ever make. Some, well its all they have. Tell me? What is the true cost of your photography investment?  Price...memories or your legacy? Which one is truly priceess?" You can find A Timeless touch on their website at ATimelessTouch.org or their facebook page,  A Timeless Touch  or simply take a minute to view their work on this video.

Congratulations to Patrick and Allison!


I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick and  Allison Mead at the Runway Bride Show at the Wingate by Wyndam in Fredericksburg last June. This October I had the privilege of helping them buy their first home and on November 10th they married.  Congratulations to my wonderful clients, Patrick and Allison Mead!  In their own words, they had the "Wedding Vendor Dream Team." The Mead's wedding was coordinated by MichelleGillespie of Occasions by M&K.  The ceremony and reception was held at Stevenson Ridge and catered by Chef Shane of Caroline Street Catering. Their DJ was Eric Herod Entertainment and the wedding dessert was created by Rhonda Schenck of Sweet Sprinkles.  (more on these terrific businesses in upcoming issues of Happily Ever After in Fredericksburg.) 

Callie's Corner

One of the benefits of working in the Oddbox Studios building is that I get to have my greyhound, Callie, accompany me to work.  When folks come through the door, she is so excited to greet them.  Whether she's met them once or a dozen times, she behaves as if they are just the most special people in the room and she is so glad they came by to see her. Callie reminds me daily of how blessed I am to have folks like you come by and see me. I have dedicated this little corner of the newsletter to Callie. Come visit Callie and me in the Elite Realty Plus, 1st REAL Team office anytime. We would love to see you, and give you the VIP tour and treatment. Our address is 526-1 Wolfe Street, Old Town Fredericksburg.


This "Posh" new collaboration of talents; Brooke Stone, Stylist and Make-Up Artist and Sarah Wellington, Healthy Skin Consultant, have created a sought-after look for the bride and her wedding party. Their talents are so much appreciated, that many of her bridal clients are returning for facials and skin care products after the wedding. Be sure to check out Posh's facebook page to see their latest photo shoot, learn about their services, and skin care line and read the recommendations from clients.

(photos courtesy of The Photography Smiths) 

Ava Laurenne Bride 

One of the things I most appreciate about Ava Laurenne Bride is noted in their name: Bride NOT Bridal. Their focus is on the BRIDE and creating a very special memory as she finds her perfect dress. Ava Laurenne Bride also features invitation-only events regularly that allow a bride to meet designers and other wedding professionals.  This month’s event is The Phashion of the Opera with a guest appearance from Broadway’s Patrick Ahearn!  Next month’s holiday event will be Beauty and the Bride, December 15th.  For an invitation to their next unique event, visit their website:  AvaLaurenneBride.com, but hurry because there are only 15 seats available for this one!

House Gift Registry?

Looking for an alternative to the traditional? According to the Pew Research Study and numerous other independent studies, the median age for couples marrying today is mid-to-late twenties. The average age of a bride is 25.3 and 26.9 for the groom.  Because of this trend, many couples find that they already have the stemware and essentials for housekeeping.  What’s missing? The home to put everything in. Many couples are looking towards asking for monetary gifts to use for a deposit on a house.  For those couples that already have purchased their first home, they are interested in using the gift money for remodeling. A number of websites are dedicated for monetary gifts that couples can use for a down payment on a new home.One of the more original and interesting sites is Hatchmyhouse.com.  It allows guests to “build a house” and purchase various items for the couple’s house, both inside and out. For example, you could purchase windows and doors or light fixtures or even tables and chairs.  Hatchmyhouse.com uses Paypal for the of money that goes directly to an account you set up.Another site, Downpaymentdreams.com allows the couples to set up their own to share whatever they like about how they met, their wedding and honeymoon plans, and their dream home.  Couples can even send announcements.  Downpaymentdreams.com also uses Paypal.Each site has their own incentives and restrictions so it’s important to read the fine print before you sign up with any of them but it’s a terrific way to politely ask family and friends for money.  And the response is generally very positive.  Loved ones are thrilled to help you  on buying your first home as well as remodeling it. If your intention is to use your gift money for a house down payment, it will be necessary to carefully document each gift deposit.  In other words, if you receive $5,000 from 34 givers, you must have each check or transaction noted, i.e., the exact amount given from each person, the purpose of the gift, and the date given.It’s also important to speak with a officer to determine what you can afford, and what type of you qualify for so you are aware of the rules for using and transferring your money.  Generally, there is no limit to how much money you can use for a down payment.That said, house down payment and remodeling are wonderful alternatives to the traditional gift registry and give you a terrific head start to buying and fixing up your first home together. For additional information on House Down Payment , feel free to contact me, Pamela Kuper, at 571-242-7627 or SuperPamKuper@gmail.com or visit at FirstHomeRealtors.com.

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