We now offer  our Guests:

 ~Body Masques~
Natural Body Masques are Beneficial for the Revitalization, Detoxification and Nourishment of your Skin. These Luxurious Treatments will leave you Restored and Rejuvenated.

Enjoy One Hour of Bliss for $70

Healing Mint Masque

A Full Body Detoxifying and Healing Marine Algae Masque infused with Cucumber, Ivy, Arnica, Elder and Mint Essential Oil to Rejuvenate your Natural Glow and Moisturize for a Radiant Restoration.

Vitalizing French 
Clay Masque 

A Full Body Stimulating and Nourishing Seaweed French Green Clay, laden with Vitamin E, Green Tea, Grapefruit and Kelp to Renew and Detoxify your Skin for a Healthy Rejuvenation.

 ~Sugar and Salt Scrubs~

Sugar and Salt Scrubs Contain Exfoliating and Emollient Properties which Restore and Moisturize the skin. 

Guests may Enjoy:

 Half Hour Hands and Feet Scrub- $30
 One Hour Full Body Scrub- $70

Brown Sugar Scrub 

Lovely Custom Combination of 
3 Pure Cane Sugars , Pure Vanilla  and Coconut Oil

White Sugar Scrub 

Lovely Custom Combination of 
2 Pure Cane Sugars,Apricot Oil  and Essential Oils 

Peppermint Salt Scrub 

Our Custom Blend of 3 Natural Sea SaltsApricot Oil, and Essential Oils – Eucalyptus and Peppermint

Lavender Salt Scrub 

Our Custom Blend of 3 Natural Sea Salts , Apricot Oil, and Essential Oils-  Tea Tree and Lavender

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