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Freedom & Joy

Christ-Magdalene Channeling

Live in Sedona     

 Weds. Jan. 3rd, 2011   

You can now Join Us via teleconference.

Every soul here is on it's own journey, for it's own soul's purposes.  What journey do you choose in this coming time of 

utter transformation and

 incredible celebration?

  • This channeling is the next in the series of The Rise of the Divine Feminine.
  • 5-7 pm (USA Mountain Time)
  • Local folks ~ please RSVP, or reserve below.
  • Those joining us worldwide, please reserve below. Call in details will be emailed to you.
  • Channeled discourse followed by questions, answers, and discussion.

"Do you see that the custom of gift giving is a distraction from the direct giving of your inner gifts and most especially your love?   

For many, the giving of gifts is a symbol of love given, and heart-felt love is very present in these gifts – and yet to simply give you is most nourishing:  giving with ease and joy your love and wisdom, your inner song to be shared.    

For many others, the times of great gift-giving such as Christmas brings many kinds of stresses – financial stresses of not having enough money to give gifts deemed suitable, stresses of giving the right gifts, the right amount of gifts, or not being able to give gifts at all.   For others, there is the pain of not receiving gifts, of not being thought of or noticed - feeling alone and unloved. 

There is much illusion around the custom of giving gifts, and there is much energy spent in the distractions of shopping and giving material gifts, as encouraged by the old dissolving programs of consumption and the mistaking of “things” for the real thing.   

And there is much truth in the simplicity of giving yourself from your heart.  Gifts of a meal prepared with love and joy, gifts of family stories or sharing literature or poetry, the exultation of singing together or dancing, the joys of reunion and hugs and kisses, the pleasures of silence before a winter fire, soaking in the Love that permeates our bonds with those who we wish to gift."    ~ Jewels-Magdalene  12:13:11   

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