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Hello Family & Friends,I am officially announcing my fully functioning website. Please take a look. Sign the guest book, and if you are so inclined please schedule a FREE 45 minSession. This way you can see how I work and see how well we work together.I have helped some of you through struggles in the past and I know new strugglesArise everyday. Struggles at work. Struggles in wellness. Struggles in your personalRelationships. Let's work together and come up with solutions. I work via the telephone so there is no need to rush across town for our appointment, and if you have to go out of town or out of the country you do not have to miss our appointment. Can't wait to here from you. Don't forget to sign the guest book  and like us on Facebook.

Valerie Thomas Life Coach

88 Moments Of Coaching
BEING88 (774) 234-6488


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