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Hello once again everyone !

As I had more to share with the September newsletter and was multi-tasking at the time of composing I realized I hadn't any more room . :) So I am sending an addendum to all of you as I wanted to discuss  / remind you of the energy of Gratitude ....and a few other updates.

Gratitude is a very powerful energy.

It opens your mind and heart to wonderous Blessings. I want to encourage all of you to take time out of every day to look for all the good in your lives . Gratitude energy will transform your world even in what appears to be the darkest of moments.

I also wanted to share with all of you that I am going to be a Grandmother !

My daughter who has been married for 10 years is about to deliver my first grandchild..she is due the end of this month . A whole new phase of life begins...another season . Now my role begins on a completely new stage and I am excited and GRATEFUL ...

Also wanting to ask all of you , referrals are an important part of my work here ,as generally with most businesses , if you know of someone who might benefit from my Intuitive counsel , I would really appreciate you passing along this newsletter or referring them to Transitions Liaison . Several qualified referrals can earn you a FREE session as well . Building a global awareness among you and to those who

you may know that need some assistance....keeps the Universal flow of giving & receiving...

Another note : As you a client with me , please know I am here for you as I can be 24/7 in cases of sensing urgency to connect . I say this to you , as I recall times in years past when I so needed this kind of service and true connection and could not find it . Please remember this as it is heartfelt ! 

Also new local event coming , check the web-site events page for date, time and R.S.V. P. 

Be Blessed !


Spiritual Counsel

 Transitions Liaison  @ 386 310-7435 

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