Love Notes: Doing Good For The Other
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"Love is...when your heart is set on doing the most good for the one you love."  ~Abel John Banda

 What does it mean to really love someone? How would you answer this question? Would you say something like, "when you experience beautiful feelings for someone," or "when all you do is think about the person you love." These are common answers to the question above, but they don't quite hit the mark. You see, love, true love, focuses on doing good things for the beloved. When we really love someone we will never do anything to harm them, but will only do things that bring good to them. In all our relationships we need to remember that "doing good for the other" is the essence of true love. This week let's reflect a little deeper on this beautiful aspect of love. Print out this reflection or open it up on your phone. Find a quiet place in your home where you can reflect on this beautiful aspect of love. Think of good things you could do for the people you love; and think of positive things you could do for that special someone. Think deeply about what it means to have your heart set on doing the most good for the one you love. Let it sink in; allow this deeper view of love to become who you are. Remember, it's about "doing good" for the person we love. 

 What good things will I do for the people I love this week?


Question: A young lady asked, How do you know when a man truly loves you?"

Answer: Look at his love history. How has he "loved" the opposite sex in the past? Was his love good and healthy or was it twisted? Did he use the opposite sex in the past, or was he good to them? Did he do good things for them? How does he treat the opposite sex now? If he has a history of loving others in a good and healthy way, chances are he is a man of integrity and good character, which can translate into a "real love" toward you. There are no guarantees, but we can minimize the risk.This is only one suggestion. There are other ways of knowing of course.

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November 2, 2012

Love Notes Newsletter, Week 3

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