Happy Holidays From Transitons Liaison ! - Transforming Mind-sets for Positive Life Changes...
 Holiday Greetings Everyone !

 As I reside in Sunny Florida , Christmas time is a bit different here as opposed to my growing up years in N.Y.City ! Thankfully , I have had the opportunity to experience the difference in the energy around these opposite climates. I , sometimes do miss the snow falling around the Holidays which , I realize some of you have experienced already this year .
 I wanted to mention this month , that people's stress levels tend to sky rocket as ( self-imposed) pressure from the media , ie: gift buying ,flight schedules etc. tend to mount . it is very important to remember who you in this busy , stressful season . You are a spiritual being ...having a human experience .

What that means is anything you experience on the "outside' of your world on some level you create. This is a hard pill for many to swallow . So this Holiday season learning to meditate or if you already do so ..step it up a bit ..consistency is always key for Positive Life Changes !    Meditation has been proven to have astounding effects on your health and overall well-being . This personally I know for sure .

 I am offering this month , my 20 minute Deep Guided Meditations on download only for half price !  Click  So don't miss out ! There are different topics to suit your present needs and will most certainly deeply relax you.
Those already per-conditioned to my voice ( Hypnotherapy ) will find these audios even more beneficial . 

Gift Certificates are also available here
and can be a Positive Life Changing Gift to someone you hold dear.
 Purchase Here

*Also This Month Their are some new Policy Changes regarding sessions and payments*

Firstly , All sessions must be paid for prior to sessions taking place. If you happen to go over-time the balance is due after each session.

Secondly ,  All sessions whether they be Hypnotherapy or Empathic Life Coaching Sessions will be conducted only when purchased in segments ( packages)  This makes them more effective ,  demonstrates your commitment to positive life changes and will also assist me an having you reaching your authentic goals more effectively.

There are various packages to suit your needs and budget and in all of them you will save $. You may view them here
Note: If you are currently on a weekly session plan this new policy will go into effect  Dec.7 ,2014
Any questions please e-mail me

With Warmest Blessings To All of You !!


Merry Christmas !
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