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The weather is getting nicer

and for many of you that means getting out and being more active.

Unfortunately that also can mean sore muscles and injury. Each week I will be focusing on nice weather activity that  can cause stress and soreness in the body which massage can help relieve so you may be able to fully enjoy the seasons of sunshine.

Featured this Week:


 Massage will help relax and tone muscles, increase flexibility, rejuvenate and increase muscle sensory mechanisms, as well as provide you with better “touch and feel”. All of this adds up to better balance and body awareness, key factors in playing good golf.

Until April 1st

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Mon March 28- 3:30

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Fri April 1- 5:00, 6:15, 7:30

Saturday April 2-10:30

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Top 7 Golfing injuries Helped by Massage Therapy

1. Back Pain

The golf swing (not to mention the hunched-over putting stance many of us get into) puts great stress on the golfer's back, so it's no surprise back pain is the most common problem for golfers. Back pain in golfers might be mechanical or disc-related, arthritis-related, or caused by a stress fracture, among other possible causes

2. Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow

Tennis elbow is an inflammation, soreness, or pain on the outside of the upper arm near the elbow. Golfer's elbow is an inflammation, soreness or pain on the inside of the upper arm near the elbow. Tennis elbow is actually more common among golfers than golfer's elbow.

3. Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain in a golfer might be caused by any of several different underlying conditions, including: rotator cuff tendinitis, or a tear or impingement in the rotator cuff; A-C joint arthritis; or instability in the joint.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress disorder that occurs in the nerves of the hands. At its worst, carpal tunnel is extremely painful and sometimes incapacitating.

5. DeQuervain's Tendinitis

DeQuervain's causes pain in the wrist near the base of the thumb, and is caused by an inflammation in the tendons that control the thumb 

6. Knee Pain

Knee pain in golfers can be caused by any of numerous underlying issues, among them: a torn meniscus; knee arthritis (osteoarthritis), or kneecap pain

7. Trigger Finger

Trigger finger can cause a finger or fingers to lock up. The condition is caused when the flexor tendon sheath, through which the finger tendons run, is inhibited.

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