The International Institute for Souldrama - All Roads Lead to Souldrama.....Save These Dates June 8-12,2011


Upcoming Event!

        Follow Your Heart!                     

1. Do you experience life as all or nothing?

2. Do you search for your Higher Purpose?

3.Would you like to experience a more positive sense of self worth?

4.Have you lost your passion and sometimes feel numb?

5. Do you attract people who are either “needy” and engulfing, fear intimacy and can be emotionally unavailable?

6. Are you still waiting for your partner to change?

7. Do you feel alone, even though you have lots of people around you?

8. Are you in the grips of addiction?

9. Are you in a relationship with an alcoholic / drug addict or gambling addict?


Price for 35 hours  $1199

Price includes 4 nights room located directly  on the beach, 3 full meals a day and snacks.

  Hours are 9-12:30  and 6:30 PM to 9:00. Workshop begins 6 PM on the 8th of June and ends at 1PM on the 12th of June. 

For personal Growth or training!

Come to the Jersey Shore!

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International Institute for Souldrama | 620 Shore Rd | Spring Lake Heights | NJ | 07762