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New Services
We have lots of new services to offer. Email us at to request information on Seasonal Home Maintenance.  Here are some summer maintenance tips:
-Change/Clean HVAC Air Filters
-Inspect decks, steps & wooden structures for wood rot & other damages.  Weatherproof to prevent any further or future damage.
-Inspect washer hoses and dryer vent system & clean if necessary.
-Check eaves around your home's roof, chimneys, caps, etc.  Remove flying insect nests & repair any damaged areas.
-Inspect  & clean your gutters & down spouts.
-Check your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). These are the electrical outlets with the "test" & "reset" buttons found in the middle.
-Inspect the attic or crawl space
The Pros/Cons of Buying a Fixer Upper.
A fixer upper can be very tempting when you are looking to buy a home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or real estate veteran, here are some pros and cons to consider before purchasing a property that needs major renovating.
A less-than-perfect house often allows buyers to own in a neighborhood they otherwise couldn't afford. A fixer upper
located in a desirable neighborhood may often sell for less than the surrounding homes. When redoing a home there is the opportunity to create a space all your own and make it exactly how you would like.  There are a lot of variables specific to each property, but often, there is a possibility for profit in resale once the property is renovated.

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of work, time and money it takes to renovate. Always have a back up plan to access funds or credit if any unforeseen hurdles are discovered during the renovation.
•Tip: It may be wise to bring professionals with you to walk through the property before you buy to avoid underestimating the work and cost.
There is always a possibility that you could lose money on your investment. It is common to go over budget on repairs and renovations. The housing market is another variable that can be unpredictable.  Whether you're hiring a contractor or doing the work yourself, the renovation process is often stressful. Consider the commitment before you buy, especially if you plan on living on the property while doing the renovation.
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