Yoga Info for the January/February 2012 Session
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Happy New Year!

Dear Yogis,

I hope you all enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday break. Yoga classes start this week  on Thursday, January 5th at Next Level Fitness with special drop-in rates of $5 each - for Thursday and Saturday's classes. The normal session rates will begin on Tuesday January 10th. If you're a regular, don't waste your class packages on these and just come and pay the $5 - it's a steal.Perfect for those friends fo yours that want to try a class to see if they like it. (For non-members you can buy a day pass at the gym for $10 if you come with a member, and add a yoga class for $5.)

There are some changes to the schedule for this session: the only morning class offered this session is on Saturdays and the time has moved to 9:00 - 10:15am. The Saturday class is geared towards athletes, men, and regular people that would like to increase hamstring, hip and shoulder flexibility. We will still do fun stuff like arm balances, and inversions at the wall...we'll just spend more time at the end using straps and props to relax into the stretching. Perfect for guys and gals with tight hammies, tight shoulders, and those that need to incorporate more stretching into their workout schedules.



Single class:  $12

6 classes:       $50

10 classes:    $75

Unlimited:    $85

Private Instruction: $65/hr












Private Appts


Private Appts



Private Appts



Yoga for Athletes











All Levels



All Levels





Class Descriptions

*Note that all classes are taught in a Vinyasa or "flow" format.


Yoga for Athletes. A class for those looking to increase flexibility and athletes looking to cross-train. Similar to the All Levels Vinyasa class, but we spend a little more time stretching out hamstrings, hips, and shoulders. Props and modifications are the norm in this class. A challenging work out, yet ideal for those just looking to stretch.



All Levels Vinyasa. A dynamic and challenging class modeled after the Ashtanga method which moves through a series of yoga postures linked to the breath. Expect sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, and a variety of arm balances and back bends. Poses and pace of class is determined by instructor, with variations offered to accommodate every level  of practitioner. All levels welcome, suitable for beginners.

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