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Welcome to our first official edition of  Nanny Key Talk! We are dedicated to making happy families everywhere!

Our summer is rapidly coming to an end as the fall breezes are approaching. Families are back to juggling school routines and their workplace obligations while dealing with everyday issues as well. But no need to fret with  Nanny Key Talk to help you through it all.

 This months edition will feature a mother of three giving tips on uprooting your family and moving while keeping your sanity.  We will also be hearing from Abigail, a 4th grader confronting her first day of school jitters.  Plus don't forget to check out our referral section.  Thank you for subscribing to Nanny Key Talk and please spread the word about our new family newsletter!




M is for Miserable Moving Mommy.........


I will be the most organized mover in the history of the world! I will make lists and flawlessly execute them. Every day will have a theme and purpose, every night will be filled with yoga and songs of peace and harmony. My family will be on commercials for Hertz doing cartwheels to the moving truck. That was my nice fantasy. Needless to say, 2.5 weeks from movers showing up at my door,  my reality was pure chaos! However with every challenge comes a lesson or lessons to be learned.  Furthermore those lessons should be shared to help others. May my tips make your move less tumultuous for your family.


My most important tip for anyone who is planning a move and has children: BE FLEXIBLE! Sounds easy, right? When T - 3 weeks comes and you think your day will be filled with tranquil organization of the kids room, but they freak out because they think that they will never see anything being placed in a box again, you kind of have to abandon that plan for the day. Then the next day when you think the office would be a good place to organize and the baby picks that day to start crawling and pulling out wires, you kind of have to abandon that plan. Then the next day the three year old wakes you up at 4 a.m. running to the bathroom to throw up...but doesn't make it. When the week goes like that...BE FLEXIBLE, don't get discouraged.

On the same lines as flexibility is planning. Although you want to plan ahead, don't start packing too far in advance. It only stresses the kids out. They don't like change. They are scared of new things. To them moving sounds about the same as a big bowl of broccoli for dinner. But DO talk to them about it. Tell them all the great and wonderful parts of your move. Let them know what to expect. Reiterate every day that change can be good. Keep some form of structure for them, kids like routine, it feels safe to them. Try to throw some fun in there somewhere for grown ups ( maybe just a glass of wine) and kids. Try not to let on (to the kids) how stressed you are, they will pick up on it and be stressed too. If the movers show up at your door and every box is not packed and labeled to the high standards you have set, it is okay. If a dresser full of clothes has to get thrown into a trash bag instead of having its own wardrobe box to move, no one will think you a lesser person. The move will happen, the bumps in the plans will happen also. You will survive, I will survive!

The more mishaps that happen, the better the story in 20 years...right? No stress!


Happy Moving! 

Marlita McCurley




What I feared most on my 1st day of  school..............


I was afraid that I wouldn’t like my teacher and that she wouldn't like me.


The school had a meet n’ greet and I saw my teacher and her classroom and decided she was nice.


If you are afraid someone won’t like you or you won’t like someone, don’t ask someone else. They might not like them and tell you that they are mean and horrible when they are not. Go meet that person and decide what you think about that person.


Happy 1st Day!

Abigail P.


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