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Thank you for subscribing to Crystal Lily's online magazine. I trust you will find it enlightening, engaging and excited for September' issues - which due to so much interest is already now full!!  


I would like to personally thank everyone who has signed up to this new venture, I and the team are incredibly excited at the amount of attention & subscribers it has already generated. 



Next month’s mag is already under way, and I am quite thrilled with how much content will be installed in the mag – Pranic Healing, Angelic Healing, Yoga, Finding your Bliss, Soul Contracts, Colour you Life, plus all the regular articles like Barbara’s Crystal Clinic, Diary of a Newbee,Ask a Spiritual  – plus lots more! 



All feedback is always welcome, as this is a totally organic publication, so if you request to see and article, for example, on Shamanism – then we will endeavour to get it to in the following months edition – and will look to a topmost authority to write it up for you. 


Enjoy your reading, and allow the informative energy to uplift & nurture your soul. 



Crystal Lily





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OR if you would like the mag to look at a certain healing modality, or any other spiritual topic then also feel free to get in touch!





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