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Cassie’s Calendar Event News 2-8-13

Dear Friend (or friend to be!)

How’s everyone been this week? Ok people we are in the home stretch now! Do you either have a date for Valentine's Day or your $1 store Valentines to come pass out at my Mix and Mingle? Or are you just going to stay home and be depressed? I hope it's not the last one. Loving love is the best way to bring it to yourself...

Hot forum topics this week:

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day is a good one if you need an idea for you and your sweetie

Health Tip of the Day check it out for shocking news on how much sugar is in your drinks

Love Lesson #1.. check it out and comment if you can tell me the moral of this story

Advice from Him

Advice From Her

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And Here is a sampling of just a few of the Calendar Listings:

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With Love, Cassie


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