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Today Baby Jazz turns 2 years old. This day marks the

beginning of my rescue when I saved her and her mama

Princess from slaughter. I am proud to announce that we

have saved, and adopted out over 100 horses so far!

Any amount helps $10,$25, $50,$100

to keep saving lives!!! Here the pictures say it all, from 

Baby Jazz  one day old on the feedlot, waiting to go to slaughter

to Princess giving her last days of devoted loving care to raise

her baby girl.


Baby Jazz one day old

@ feedlot and ready to go

home with us

Princess asking me to save her the day before Jazz was born

The feed lot of death

Princess ready for me to take her home that day

Princess & Jazz at home

Baby Jazz and her surrogate daddy Big Chingy

Princess always gets extra love

Princess home with me safe and on the mend.

Poor girl, after the baby she was stripped of everything. 

Princess just after one year of rehabilitation 

Baby Jazz starts to flourish

Baby Jazz is growing under the beautiful

care of her mama Princess


And grow up beautiful

Princess says good bye to Jazz

before we let her go.........

Saying Good Bye to Princess............

Princess tried to hang on but we lost her.

R.I.P. My beautiful Palomino Princess


Baby Jazz two years old today &

celebrating life everyday !!!!

I would like to thank all of you for supporting me on my journey with the animals.

Whether you know me as a communicator or rescuer. Your support and donations help make it possible.


818 317-0487

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