August Specials

**NEW ‘The Royal Treatment’
Full Body Thalasso-Massage  
& Facial Treatment 

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'The Royal Treatment'
 ~ 110min ~ $89 (value$160)
Enjoy a customized, deeply relaxing & replenishing full body Thalasso-Massage that is customized to where you need it most. Plus a Thalasso-Scalp & mini Facial treatment. Utilizing layers of raw ocean components combined to bring balance to mind & body. Great for chronic conditions, sleeplessness, hormonal balance, stress-relief & rejuvenation
~ Series of (3) only $266 (value$480)


Save 44% off ANY treatment in August
Enjoy saving 44% OFF any regular priced treatment on the menu ~ (not in combination with any other promotions)
SAVE 44% in August only


Vitamins & minerals in seaweed are fat-soluble and bio-available, so they break the blood-brain barrier


ADD-ON Treatments

15min Thalasso-Scalp Treatment
 ~ only $19.60 (value$35)

15min Thalasso-Facial Treatment 
~ only $19.60 (value$35)

Utilizing whole raw macrocystis this Thalasso-Scalp & Thalasso-Facial Treatment leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated
You can save 44% OFF each ADD-ON treatment in August only $19.60 (value $35)


Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek words for thalasso (sea water or sea goddess) and therapeia (to heal)


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Little Organic Thalassotherapy | 238 Robson St | Vancouver | BC | V6B 6A1