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Wishing You A Happy New Year!
Happy New Year and welcome to our first issue of 2014!  After all the celebrations and indulgence of the festive season, we have some great promotions to help you beat the January blues and to put a spring back into your step! If your resolution this year is New Year - New You, why not kick start it with a detoxifying body massage treatment... or enter our fantastic competition to win one on us! We look forward to seeing you in the salon in 2014. Wishing you a fabulous year ahead, 
Warmest regards,
Carly, Emma, Sharon, Ellie, Lisa & Liyah.
  Did someone say diet?
Yes, somehow it's that time of year again! The one we vowed would never happen again after last year or the year before or even... But let's face it, here we are again  and those extra pounds are still there!
Happily all is not lost. Here in the salon we have the latest state of the art treatments to get you into that bikini this summer and looking great! 
  Shape Up & Lose the Inches!
Need to slim down? Then why not try our scientifically proven inch loss wrap treatment.
Lose 6 inches in 2 hours guaranteed - PLUS revive your skin to look your best with a 30 minute Facial on us!
The detoxifying properties of specialist serums & creams combined with a specialist wrapping technique guarantee that you will lose at least 6 inches  after treatment - or receive another wrap completely Free!
 Inch Loss Wrap Only £62.00 PLUS FREE 30 Minute Reviving Facial worth £30 This Month!
  The Brow Factor!
If the eyes mirror the soul, then the eyebrows frame the face... In terms of our appearance, well-groomed, tinted and defined brows are as important as a good haircut.
Beautifully groomed brows have become a hallmark of celebrity status - even Madonna admits she hates seeing photos of herself from the 80s, purely because of her overly bushy brows! 
In this decade, eyebrows along with teeth whitening and eyelash dying are the first areas to be tackled by any celebrity stylist. We only need to look at any TV talent show to see how changing the shape and colour of the contestants brows can reveal a dramatic difference and accomplish that ultra-polished, celebrity finish.
Why not discover how a professional brow shape can transform and enhance your features and accentuate your eyes? Call  today for your complimentary brow consultation and find out more about our NEW brow extensions!
  5 Tips for Longer Lasting Lashes
Faux Lashes and Lash extensions are more on trend than ever - with celebrity designs set to be even bigger for this season! With a little TLC, professionally applied Lash Extensions can last up to 8 weeks, so follow our expert tips to keep your lashes looking full and glossy...
1. Sleep on your back the first night after lash application, as the glue can take time to dry fully and you may otherwise bend the lashes.

2. Use an oil free cleansing wipe to gently remove your eye makeup. Oil can break down the glue and eventually weaken the extensions.
3. Avoid using cotton wool as the  fibres from cotton wool pads stick to your lashes.

4. Use a clean mascara wand to comb, straighten and prevent any criss-crossing. Close one eye, place the wand on top of your lashes and then roll the brush over to keep them defined.

5. Enhance your lash length by boosting your B vitamins. Biotin - aka vitamin B7, is a key ingredient in eyelash enhancers. A 5mg daily dose will help to naturally nourish and lengthen your lashes.
  Hair Free For Summer!
Now is the time to get ready for summer and lose any unwanted fuzz to keep your under-arms, bikini line and legs hair free! Take advantage of this month's fantastic promotion with our...
50% OFF IPL Courses in JANUARY, SAVE ££££!!!
If you are tired of shaving everyday or are prone to in-grown hairs as a result of waxing, then You Will Love IPL Hair Reduction! Imagine smooth, silky skin and long-lasting, hair free results for years to come - after as little as 6 treatments! Call to book your appointment.
  COMPETITION                                                               WIN! WIN! WIN!
Win A Detoxifying Body Massage!
Recover from the excesses of the festive season with our fabulous competition to win a detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage Massage designed to eliminate toxins and drain water retention!
To enter, just click the link and email your name to, write Competition Entry in the subject line and we'll contact you if you win!
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