HEALING RAIN DEVOTIONAL - With Pastor Ebere Okogwu

The season of manifestation

45. And it came to pass in the meanwhile, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel.

46. And the hand of the Lord was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel. 

1 Kings 18: 45-46 (NKJV)

And it came to pass! (spoken in verse 1, manifested in verse 45). This is the season of manifestation. Every word God has spoken concerning you is coming to pass in your life! The perseverance is not for ever, the trials and struggles will not last for ever. There is a time appointed for everything under heaven (that is the season). The beginning of one season marks the end of the previous season. Therefore the season of manifestation will mark the end of the season of trials. I say it again, the Word and promise of God is coming to pass in your life.

The Scripture says 'but the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you. You have persevered for a while, you have stood on that word for a while, now it is time to enter into the glory of the word, it is time to settle you.

You may ask; how will the word come to pass in my life? you may not see any connection between the word and the glory.

Mary asked the same question: How can this be? this is the answer the angel gave her 'The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee..' (Lk 1:35). For Elijah, when it was the season of manifestation, the Hand of the Lord came upon him. In the Scriptures, the 'hand of the Lord' literally means the power of the Lord

When the hand of the Lord or the power of the Lord, or in new testament language the grace of God or the Holy Spirit came upon Elijah, he experienced three specific miracles. I would ask you to watch out for these three specific miracles in your life; that will be a sign to you that the hand of God is on you and that the word is coming to pass in your life.

1) Elijah outran Ahab and reached Jezreel before Ahab. Ahab had started off before Elijah, Ahab was moving in a cart (like a presidential jet), but in the power of the Lord Elijah outran Ahab. in this season, God will grant you uncommon speed and promotion. in the power of the Lord, you will have the authority to overcome every 'spirit of Ahab'. the spirit of Ahab is the spirit that kills visions and destinies, it is the spirit that fights the true prophets and supports the false prophets, but you will outrun them.

2) Elijah could have been drenched and soaked in the rain, but by the power of the Lord he escaped the rain. In this season, the Lord will deliver you from every impending danger. you will escape them all, by the grace of the Lord.

3) By the power of the Lord, a three and a half year drought came to an end, not just for Elijah alone but for his nation. In this season, every dryness in your life will come to an end, and you will be a blessing to your family, church, city and your nation. 

Healing Rain Prophecy

Prophesy over your life: my season of dryness is over, this is my season of manifestation. The word and promise of God will come to pass in my life in Jesus' name. The hand of the Lord is coming on me, and I receive the power to overcome every attack of the enemy. I am empowered for victory in every area of my life, I will fulfill my destiny and visions in Jesus name, Amen


(Healing Rain Devotional is a weekly devotional series from Glory Tabernacle International, Stockholm.) 

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