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Wine makes a symphony of a good meal.

~ Fernande Garvin, The Art of French Cooking


Happy Thanksgiving Customer!


In this edition you'll find some helpful tips on pairing your holiday feast with wine, as well as information on our final two classes for the year, a recipe for a delicious holiday dessert, a new quiz and more.


May you have a happy and tasty Thanksgiving.



Mark & Karen Eppel

wine tasting classes

December tastings:

Cabernet Comparison is back by popular demand and seats are filling up.  You asked for high-end wines so we'll be finishing the year with a bang when we taste Signature Wines on December 12th. For details on these tasting classes, please visit our website.


cabernet comparison

5 December

$40 / person


When you dig deep, there's a vast world of Cabernet out there.  Join us for a tour of the world through the eyes of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Taste Cabernet from some of the regions that are famous, and not so famous, for growing this renowned grape, and learn what makes them unique. 


Experience first-hand the versatility of Cab with a wine and food pairing exercise to round out the evening.


Register here.


signature wines

12 December

$70 / person

Only 2 seats left.


Register here for Signature Wines.


We're ending 2011 on a high note and invite you to join us on a wine adventure to be remembered. We'll be tasting a selection of signature wines that will blow your socks off!


From Champagne to Burgundy, Bordeaux to Barolo, and signature wines in between... this will be a wine tasting treat. To accompany this special tasting will be a selection of fine food pairings so we can do justice to these wonderful wines.


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the buzz on holiday wines

Keep your holiday wine and food pairing simple. Just remember this rule of thumb - serve light wines with light foods and robust wines with robust foods. 


OK, so there's a little more to great wine & food pairing than a simple statement, but this is the holidays and you're supposed to be enjoying this time. Simple is good, especially when entertaining large groups. A couple of quick tips to help: 


  • Don't go diving into your cellar or spending a fortune on fancy wines if most of your guests are not wine savvy. Save those special bottles for another occasion and keep it simple, but still impressive for the guests that care enough, with these suggestions.
  • Keep your palate fresh and start with lighter wines and progress to heavier wines as you move through each course.
Click here for an in-depth look at wine suggestions for the holidays - there are plenty of options, from sparkling wines, whites, roses, reds and dessert wines - something for every course! You can also email us if you have questions on specific menu items - we couldn't cover everything in one article!


web updates


wine & food page

Visit our wine & food page for our favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipe, sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, paired with Alvear Pedro Ximenez Sherry.



fun facts & wine terminology - What's our new fun wine fact and new wine term? Visit our homepage to find out.


wine quiz

How well do you know your dessert wines? Click here for the answers.


  1. What is Australia's nick-name for their famous sweet dessert wines?
  2. Madeira is a dessert wine, once used to toast the Declaration of Independence. Where is it produced?
  3. What is the most famous grape used to make dessert sherry?
  4. Muscat de Beaumes de Venise is a fortified wine from which country?
  5. Port is produced exclusively in which Portugese valley?
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