Introducing the JUNIOR Division
Dear Future Client,
When you think of an event planning company, you don't think of teens...
you think of adults... but at
Desired Moments™ we have both. Our Junior Division (shown below) also brings passion, drive and dedication to every event that our adult Event Coordinators bring. It is a way for the teens to earn money, learn responsibility and be held accountable…and still have fun while working.
Our Junior Division coordinates events for ages 5-17 years old; with an Event Coordinator always on site. The Junior Division goal is to ensure that the younger clients are well engaged, having fun and that the guests are not intimidated by adults so they mix and mingle as well as keeping their eye on the task at hand. More of the Junior Division's work can be seen on website.
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My staff and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Always in my hand, you will find a calendar, pen and paper…
ready to mark your event down for Desired Moments™!
Daphne Anderson
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