annoucning New Publising Information... - Brown Sugar Promotions LLC ISBNs!!!



Since March 2012 we've been working on publishing new titles from Kesha aka ~friscourbancowgrrl~ under Brown Sugar Promotions LLC for the August 2012 release date.


Due to much success, all titles, including all previous 2010 and 2011 releases with CreateSpace (USA) have been assigned new ISBNs to reflect the imprint "Brown Sugar Promotions LLC". For example, The Passion Fruit Syndrome: Poetry Enhanced had an assigned ISBN from CreateSpace as 9781466372504 now with a Brown Sugar Promotions LLC custom ISBN as 9780615621401 allowing for retailers and followers to correctly identify and track this printed format.


In addition, we've also launched a new blog via specifically for our publishing updates...more to come!!!







Brown Sugar Promotions LLC

The Passion Fruit Syndrome: Poetry Enhanced by Kesha L Johnson-Clark (~friscourbancowgrrl~)

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