Raise funds for your organization!

We know many nonprofit organizations, such as yours, fall short of needed funds each year.

If you had at least $2000 more every month, or more, what could your organization do? 

- Hire a needed employee?

- Take on more recipients who are in 

  need of your services?

- Spend money on marketing for 

  promotion and exposure of your 


- Embark on a new, exciting project 

  to continue and expand the 

  important services your  

  organization provides?

- Move to a bigger, better location?

We can help! 

We are Essante Organics, based in Phoenix, AZ. Our Sedona Fundraising Consultants can help you close your funding gaps, and perhaps even help you raise more than you ever thought with our lucrative fundraising program!

The concept is called "Cause Marketing" - partnering with a company whose products you can feel good about! 

We have 100% certified organic and chemical-free products - unlike anything you can purchase at retail stores. These products are unique, pure, clean, and green! 

If you are a 501C3, we will give you a FREE website link that you can share with anyone! When they purchase products at retail prices, your organization gets a check, representing the difference between retail and wholesale prices! 

No inventory for you! And this can be a perpetual fundraiser. Supporters of your organization can purchase such products as:

* Shampoo

* Conditioner

* Body Wash

* Tooth "Polish"

* Laundry Liquid

* Anti-aging skin care

* Natural weight loss lollipops

* Natural vitamin lollipops for kids


We will help you reach your goals, and are available to give a professional presentation to your Board Members for approval!


You can feel proud promoting these unique, 

one-of-a-kind, GREEN products...and raise significant funds!

Contact Ronnie

Your Fundraising Consultant

For More Info


Email: greentothemax22@live.com

Located in Sedona to provide local support!

Veronica Roman | 30 Blackhawk Ln. | Sedona | AZ | 86336