In these  times of financial distress many  are looking for that pot of goal at the end of the rainbow... well there is a rainbow, but you must do a little work to get to the pot of gold. Just answer these simple questions;


  • Do you like your current job?


  • Would $500 per month help you in a significant way?


  • Are you married with a family you hardly ever see?


  • Have you ever tried a home based business before?


If the answers to these questions are making you think no, no, yes, no, yes then you need to take a look at a model that could be the answer to your prayers.  With a little effort on your part and the understanding that you are helping someone enter into a healthier state of wellness, helping them rid the toxins that cause harm to our family and friends while creating a more eco-friendly environment for them to live in can be a very rewarding endeavor.  I invite you to take a look. 




P.S.  If interested comtact me at  I will see what I can do to help you.






Our Story:


We relocated to Florida with the thought of starting fresh, living an enjoyable life and just working till we decided to retire.  Now with all our children grown and on their own we felt it was time for us to just kick back and enjoy our freedom.  In the midst of it all

my husband became unabled to work as his health declined as he began to age out of the workforce and our income began to suffer significantly. 


I began seeking ways to add to our income. I tried MLM but that didn't work for me. I got a job that I loved but with all the family income responsibilities on me. I was just making ends meet and was always too tired to do anything and soon became impossible to live with. I was working hard in a business (35 hrs. a week) for someone else... it just wasn't making sense to me. So I began looking for a home based business that would afford me the ability to earn an extra income from the comfort of my home. "If I could earn at least an extra $500.00 a month that would be a great help to us". That's when I found that email that brought me to NLD Partners. I usually don't answer "job openings" from my email unless there is a known company making the inquiry, but for some reason I did, and I am so glad that I did. This home based  business model made so much sense to me.  I can see how I can get back on track and look forward to becoming financially independent with a little hard work for myself. 


Today I'm a Marketing Specialist in this business, my own business.  but I am not alone.  I have mentors and a support group walking through every process to help me be successful. I am in this business  and I am beginning to see clearly now the rain is gone. There is a rainbow it's just over our heads.

NLD Partners | 2355 N. Central Avenue | # 207 | Kissimmee | FL | 34741