Ascension After 11:11:11 - News from Jewels and

We are all moving forward rapidly!  I joined Solara An Ra, Anrita Melchizedek, Aluna Joy and 250+ friends at a Medicine Wheel in Sedona on 11:11:11, as we joyfully anchored all the Light and Love of our joined hearts into the sacred land and all Gaia's Life Here Now.  It was spectacular, and the energies in Sedona (as everywhere) are amping up every day.  Peace IS here now, and we can Be It.  We can show the way.

Join Jewels for a 6 day/night Ascension Retreat in Sedona. 

Give yourself the gift of centering yourself in the new energies and frequencies that are pouring through us and the planet. 

Heal, transform, integrate. Gain clarity, gratitude, and empowerment.  Each day we will go to incredibly beautiful, high vibrational vortex areas, sacred caves, and canyons.  Each day we will do healing and creative work which may include channeled readings, Ascension Energy Sessions, emotional release, Medicine Wheel Ceremony, meditation, sacred movement & toning, and creative play.  You will receive all that your soul calls you to receive while you are here, and you will return Renewed and more fully Ascended!

The Ascension Retreat includes lodging, some meals, transportation to and from the airport in Phoenix or Flagstaff (unless you want to rent a car), and all sacred land journeys, healing sessions, and special activities.  The cost is $2, 270.00 per person, $1,910.00 for 2 or 3 people together, and $1,820.00 for groups of 4 or more.

Feel free to call me for more details.   (928) 300-7678

Feedback from Ascension Retreat ~ " I am a conduit and Sedona awakened me, and so much love is coming through me now.  I know that anything is possible now.  I havn't had a week like this since my grandmother was alive.  I feel more like a child than I did when I was a child!  My sister says that there is a distinctive positive change since I got back."  A.W., Florida

Our New Sun

This photo was taken on Christmas Day last year up on Chimney Rock, which as many of you know, we affectionately call The Tor.  The fantastic spinning top shaped rainbow orb has been showing up in photos lately, and a man I know in Hawaii channeled that they were kachinas.  I was very very moved my the hexagonal magenta orbs around the sun, and am now calling it Our New Sun.  The array of beautiful orbs here is just wondrous as well!  This photo was taken by my friend Stephanie Tetra Forest when we were up exploring on 12.25.2010.

NEW! from Jewels' Heart to You ~

Over the past years, many friends have asked me to record various meditations, channelings, songs, chants, poems, and healing techniques that I often use with you all.  

I am working on creating CDs and a downloadable format for these which you will be able to get from my website by the beginning of December.  I am working on a DVD of the Spiritual Vortex Tour, which has been another frequent request.

I have already recorded the Connecting with Crossed Over Loved Ones MP3, and you can order it as a download now!  You can pay here ~ $7.00,  and then send me an email via my website, and I will send the MP3 to you. You do have my permission to share it with others.  As many of you know, it is a very simple and effective technique  of meeting in the heart with crossed over loved ones or your guides or angles.  Also available is a channeling from The Magdalene-Sophia from this summer in Glastonbury entitled, 2012,Ascension & the 7th Golden Age.  You may also buy that download here now.

Also available now is the channeling  I did this summer in Glastonbury on July 21st on the eve of Magdalene's Feast Day.  It is a channeling from The Magdalene-Sophia entitled 2012, Ascension, and the 7th Golden Age.  You may buy that download here now as well.  Please email me via the website after you have completed the payment, and I'll send it to you!

I am honoring that I have been told so many times that people need to hear my voice, and I truly LOVE recording!  So, please check the NEW section of my website over the next month for more CDs and downloads.

This beautiful Light Being is from when I visited 3 crop circles this summer near Avebury.  This was the double spiral Goddess crop circle of July 13th, 2011 at sunset.  (see for the whole design)

Specials on Healing Sessions for the Winter Season, begins NOW!

Clearing of Dark Spirits  for you, loved ones, and your home  ~ by phone, or in person if you are in Sedona.  ~ $40

Often if you have Dark Spirits, your home/land does as well, so we clear both, through all dimensions of time and space, all timelines.

I can clear your loved ones too if I have permission of their Higher Self.  


Channeled Reading  ~ $55/half hour.

via phone call and sent to you as an MP3.

Finally, I want to send my love and gratitude to each of you.  I want to amplify the love and gratitude of the beautiful season we are entering now.  May our hearts be filled with thanks-giving!  May this be the most glorious Holy-Days season ever!

Blessings & Love to you ~ Jewels

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