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Free Tele-class


Already checked out the Free Tele-class come out and support the group the more people the more fun !

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Free Tele-classes

Get a new relationship with food

Ask me how I lost 10 lbs. and will continue to drop this unwanted weight.




Next Class Monday February 7 2011

Don't have any weight to lose but still struggle with the ever ending thoughts and obsession of food,what to eat,when ,how much to eat etc. 

come out to the next class,learn how to start honouring your self and your body with a new relationship with food.  

Today's the day to stop the ever ending battle,obsession with food  

Join me on my journey of a  new relationship with food. 

1st & 3rd Monday's of the month 

6-7 pm Eastern Time

30-60 minutes session

Register at Jacksoncoaching.net on the free tele class page

Come out lets have some fun !

Please forward to friends ,family and co-workers




Get to know coach Lori and also get introduced to tele-classes and how much fun the group experience can be with the opportunity to explore guided imagery, group exercise and question and answer period.

(some long distance charges may apply)


 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Coach Lori either by phone 905-325-1981 or email coachlori@jacksoncoaching.net




With Love and Gratitude

Coach Lori


website jacksoncoaching.net

e-mail coachlori@jacksoncoaching.net









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