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I am so excited about the New Year!! I have some great contests, and specials this year, so please take advantage of them. For the month of January Enter to win first a $100.00 Macy's gift card! Start the New Year off in style. Entrants will have to refer 3 friends of family members to be entered into drawing. Just take the time to tell some friends or family members about my services, and you will be on your way to a free gift card. How easy is that?? This Contest will be held from January 4th- February 4th! Tired Of Long Waits??????We Now Offer Appointment Reservation! Which Guarantees Your Appointment. We accept all madjor credit cards.

This contest will be held from Jan 4th- Feb 4th! Dont Dare Miss Out! Refer today!!!!!

Mark your calendar for our monthly savings:


  • Location:Salon Artesia
  • 990 Ralph David Abernathy Atlanta Ga 30310
  • For the month of January enter to win a $100.00 gift card from Macy's!
  • Preview our latest styles @!
  • RSVP: 678-914-4078
  • Email:

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Hair Styles By Toya Germain | 878 Ralph David Abernathy | Atlanta | GA | 30310