The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation - Hope for a Cure

Thank you for attending our Sarcoma Awareness Month

Red Carpet Event


Thank you so much for attending our Red Carpet Event to kick off our fight for LMS. Your donations towards Leiomyosarcoma Cancer research is very much appreciated. If you missed this ground breaking affair, you will hear guests chattering about the Sarcoma Oncologists (Drs. Patel and Ravi) who not only attended to support our Foundation but explained why our fight for a cure is imperative. You may also overhear them describing an epic night filled with sweet sensational delights by May Baby Cupcakes, the signature Hope and Cure cocktails infused with invigoration and the networking-encouraged atmosphere. Check out our red carpet pics at


Also, KHOU-Channel 11 were gracious in supporting our event, they posted our event on their page at 



Leiomyosarcoma research does not receive any federally funded support. Most research dollars are from those just like you and private foundations.

Recognize Sarcoma Awareness Month in a big way...

it starts with you and we need your help!  

As little as $10 can go a long way. Donate today!

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