Sell Your Real Estate Note - Receive Cash Now for Your Contract or Real Estate Note
Dear Valued Client,
Please call me as soon as possible because I have some exciting news. You may be able to receive more for your deed of trust than ever before! If the timing was not quite right when we last spoke, perhaps circumstances have changed and you're ready to receive a lump sum of cash and eliminate the worries of collecting monthly payments.
If you are in need of some extra cash to pay off other debts, our "Partial Purchase" program may be your solution. We can purchase a specific number of payments, give you a lump sum of cash, and you'll receive your note back at  a specified time in the future. What better way to relieve the pressure of existing debt and still keep your note!
Please take a moment and give me a call today at 307-660-4663 so we can discuss the cash options available. The quote is absolutely free and you are under no obligation. I look forward to hearing from you.
Gracie Smith
Cash Flow Connection Pro LLC
3303 Foothills Blvd
Gillette, WY 82716
307-660-4663 direct phone
307-682-4019 fax
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