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REO Capital & JP Global Capital Management, LLC is a United States-based alternative asset manager are in discussions to put together a $100 Million Capital Raise for their "Troika" Fund.


JP Global Capital Management is the managing partner for the Troika I Fund, LP, a spot Foreign Exchange private investment partnership. JP Global Capital Management views currency not only as a hedging instrument, but also as its own asset class, JP Global Capital Management believes that proper investment diversification involves investment among many different asset classes.


As a result of this philosophy we believe that through proper asset allocation in the global currency market, clients can potentially generate returns uncorrelated to traditional assets.While foreign exchange does not diminish all risk, if properly used, it can work to diversify a client overall portfolio and the returns of one's overall investment portfolio.


REO Capital, believes that this Troika Fund is a unique & niche fund that would be attractive to most institutional portfolio's.


If your interested in more information on the Troika I Fund email us and we can set up a conference call with the GP and send you the PPM on the Troika fund.


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