Serenity Harbor - June, 2013 Newsletter
Hi Friends,
Thank you for being interested in what's happening at Serenity Harbor this month.
I have lots of exciting news to share.
Special Event:  An Evening of Spirit
This Saturday, June 22!
Tickets Still Available!
A special evening of spiritual discussion and messages from the Other Side.  You can still purchase tickets for door pickup at the An Evening of Spirit page at the website Thank you!
Monthly Meditation Evening
This Friday, June 21st at the Serenity Harbor office.  Seats still available.  This month's topic is "Connecting to your Spirit Guide".  Contact the office at 856-853-1009 or by email at to reserve your seat.  Thank you!
Summer Online Special
Beginning Thursday, June 20th through Monday, June 24th.
1 Question Email Session Just $20.00.
1 Spirit Guide or Angel Channeled
Message Just $10.00.
This is the only online special of the Summer.  Please purchase under "Summer Special" at the Serenity Harbor E-Store.  Please, as always, allow 1-2 weeks for completion.
Office Rate Changes Effective 9/1
Beginning September 1st, Intuitive Coaching and Mediumship Sessions will be priced not on service but on minutes for the first time.  There will be two lengths of session offered:  A 60 minute session for $125.00 and a 90 minute session for $200.00.  You are welcome to include both Intuitive Coaching and Mediumship in the 60 minute session.  All sessions will end on the hour.  I will also be making other pricing changes which will be announced shortly, including an Emergency Session Fee for those who feel they cannot wait the normal length for a session.  These rate changes bring me up more closely to the rates my colleagues have already been offering.  It is the first time I have raised rates in over three years.  I will also be offering more classes, including a Basic Psychic Development class this Fall for all who wish to attend.  Details to follow.  Thank you for your support and continued referrals.  I love my work and I look forward to continuing to serve into my future. 
This Month's Message From Lisa
Topic:  The Power of Energy
It has been said and it is very true that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  We all are made of powerful and vibrant energy.  And, we are all connected to each other through this massive energy.  Everything you think, do and feel has an effect upon, not just your world, but the Universe as a whole.  You are that magnificent!  Psychics work with this energy.  We use every ounce of energy within our own bodies and attach to the energy around us to receive the pure unfiltered information about your thoughts, emotions and current potential path.  Is it exhausting?  You bet!  This energy has been measured, and it is estimated that a Psychic's work hours are 3X more in energy than the average worker, even an Accountant or Lawyer.  In other words, your average workday of 8 hours is 24 hours in "psychic time". 
But, outside of psychic work, working with energy has tremendous benefits.  Energy comes from the Universe of Creation.  When you set an intention or desire, the Universe sets into motion the ways and means to make it happen.  That's when the magic happens!  Your desire is very much seen as a destination and the Universe sets the coordinates on your personal GPS to get you to that destination.  Your job is to follow the GPS or signals.  These signals can be synchronicities, hunches, and lucid dreams to name a few.   Following along and getting out of the way with lack of doubts or belief will get you to your destination or desired outcome sooner.  Get away from the specifics and hows and allow the Universe to handle the details.  You will be amazed!
Wonderfully as well, if you do get off track, the Universe "recalculates" and gets you on track again.  Perhaps they will send you someone just as good but with a different face or a new job offer than what was originally planned.  "Recalculations" do stall us in our journey so it is important to stay on track as much as you can.
In my Intuitive Coaching sessions, I inform you where you are on your GPS journey and how close you are to what you have asked for.  It is good to check in every six months to a year on progress and see if any changes are necessary to move you along.  These changes are usually changes in perception or actions.  If you are going along smoothly, it is a wonderful thing to hear!  I recommend exploring your relationship with energy and truly using it in your life.  See the Universe working for you.  We are never ever really alone.  Many Blessings!
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