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2. Seven (7) hour classes now available - Lowest Fee this weekend. Taking Part I. is recommended before taking the others, but not required.

All classes listed are NCBTMB, FBMT, MSBMT, ABMT, GBMT & TMLB approved &/or accepted.

Class Descriptions:

Pt. I - We begin with the big universal picture and learn about connections from the biggest to the smallest. Then from the cell upward, examining the chances of life forming on its own. We put the Bible to the test scientifically, historically, archeologically, and prophetically to consider whether it can be trusted as a source to follow in regard to our human body. We then start from the top of the head (hair) and work our way down, discovering some of the latest science about the senses in our heads. Learn a technique to prevent death from dizziness in the elderly pertaining to balancing crystals in the ear. This sounds new age, but is a real and proven exercise pertaining to crystals that all of us have in our inner ears. Scalene massage and suboccipital stretching will be demonstrated.

Pt. II - We continue our journey of the senses, including taste, the tongue, speech, neck, and thorax. The back, spine and ribs are examined, including the Biblical rib from Adam's side. Adam and Eve are used as an example of male/female relationships, and current science on gender differences and communication helps.  The skeletal system is reviewed, including associated structures like joints and bursae. Hour 4 will include 2 techniques: One for reversing rounded shoulder syndrome & another as rotational release for the forearm. In hour 5 we look at the importance of the appendicular structures, including the dexterity of the hand. This includes inspirations from those without limbs. The muscular system and the neurological system - including proof of mercury's effects on brain cells; finishing up with the integumentary system. Learn a Biblical surprise as to where the best skin grafts come from.

Pt. III - We begin with the cardiopulmonary systems and blood; the immune system is amazing; digestive, urinary, and endocrine systems, including some thyroid information. One of people's favorite system reviews is the reproductive system. You will see the uterus electrically sealed off at the moment of conception (1st time video) and some miraculous events, sometimes in a humorous way. Pathology is one of the most incredible hours with surprising statistics and a possible spiritual/physical connection involving viruses. Science behind forgiveness, cancer, and prayer is shown and discussed. Pathology includes inspirational stories from two wheelchair perspectives.  The final hours look into wellness and nutrition, not only including the science behind a Biblical diet, but also insight about 7 amazing Biblical foods from a special place. Information will be shared on the proven benefits of frankincense & myrrh. We will look at the design of the body compared to the temple instructions. Some of the latest wellness related information will be addressed.


    *** LOWEST FEES EVER ***

Low as $70 per 7 hour class 

21 hours is $199.

Part I. Aug 26 - 7 hours

Part II. Aug 27 - 7 hours

Part III. Aug 28 - 7 hours




Aug 28 (After SHBBP, Pt. III)

                  SCIENCE OF THE HUMAN BODY

                     A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE


Fortis Institute

4081 East Olive Road, Suite B

Pensacola, Florida 32514

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Part I. (7 hrs/$70) above

Friday, August 26, 2011

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Part II. (7 hrs/$70) above

Saturday, August 27, 2011 

Part III. (7 hrs/$70) above

Sunday, August 28, 2011 




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          August 28, 2011


            5 pm - 8 pm


Fortis Institute

4081 East Olive Road, Suite B

Pensacola, Florida 32514


Topical Applications begins 30 minutes after the 7 hour class - Science of the Human Body, a Biblical Perspective.




Topical Applications is an introductory class that focuses on applications that are applied to the human body during massage therapy.  Find answers to these questions:


* What are the most common 


* What oils are best for the skin?

* How can I make my own anti-aging

   formulas and essential oil


* Is it safe to use menthol or

   eucalyptus on someone who has a

   neurological disorder?

* Can oils go through the skin and

   into the blood stream? 

* Which oils are better for massage

   than others?

* Are there applications that I should

   use, or avoid, if someone has



Learn some surprising indications and contra-indications to some common applications.  This class is highly suggested for any massage therapist.  Learn these facts and more in this enjoyable introductory class.




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Mailing Address:

Charles Wambolt

420 E. 3rd St.

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