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Is Neurotherapy 

the Answer?


When the brain functions at its best (i,e. Peak Level) you are better at performing under pressure, you are able to reset after an error, you are  able to sustain attention throughout the day.


If you have …........

1. Experienced difficulty under pressure.

2. Experienced difficulty managing stress.

3. Experienced an inability to focus or recall information.

4. Experienced poor organizational skills.

5. Experienced the need to improve your mental acuity.


Neurotherapy/Brain Training may be the choice for you!


At Behavioral Health & Family Services, we train your brain based on brain wave patterns associated with elite performance. Research shows that the brain can be trained to react to stress and still perform at a peak levels under pressure.



Neurotherapy is an effective option for many neurological challenges, such as ADHD/ADD, concussions, depression, and anxiety. For more information on Neurotherapy, visit our website at


Print this ad and receive a free QEEG/Brain Map (valued at $875), with the purchase of 10 neurotherapy sessions.


If you are interested in future savings with our company, please visit and log in at






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