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Working in the fitness industry there are occasions when clients want to sign up for training telling me they want to look like somebody they had seen in a magazine or some celebrity they admire. They had a picture in their head of who they wanted to look like after training for a certain number of months.

I can tell you that this is not a realistic goal to have. If you compare yourself to other people you will most likely get very disappointed.

Your body has a genetic "code" that determines where you store fat. If you gain weight it will automatically send the extra fat to these specific areas. Some of us store fat around the thighs, lower abdomen or butt and others only around the middle. You may have a body type that's naturally lean and doesn't require much work to stay that way OR you may have a more stocky built that makes it very hard for you stay lean no matter what you do. There are bodies that build muscle no matter what and there are bodies that won't no matter what. Recognize your body type so you can deal with the specific problem areas better.


For example, I gain strength very easily and have no problem with building nice size muscles BUT I have a very hard time getting lean. My body likes to stay at a certain weight and it's very hard for me to drop below that. I have recognized that if I want to lean out only extreme measures will work. I have changed my diet and workouts to force my body to drop body fat. It takes a TON of hard work and dedication but it can be done!

Believe me, I have days when I'm angry because it's so unfair that I have to work 10 times harder than most people but I also don't like to be average so I get the work done and you can too!!!


There's one thing you have to know about the body to understand the process of losing body fat. Your body is only trying to do what's best for you. It will do whatever you ask like jump, run, lift but it doesn't understand why you are trying to have a low percentage of body fat. Your body is only trying to perform the best way possible and keep you healthy, that is it's sole purpose. This is the reason it can be so difficult to get really lean. Being super ripped with a 6 pack is not always the healthiest for you and that's why your body is fighting back. This is also the reason starving yourself doesn't work. Your body automatically goes into a "protective" mode and slows down the metabolism.


If you want to get really lean regardless of your body type you have to train hard and eat right. If your body is slow to respond you have to be extremely diligent and persistent with your training for however long it takes. I've been through this process and it requires a LOT of will power. I'm not saying this to discourage you but to push you to work harder and never give up if you have a desire to change.







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