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Dragon Boat USA's National Team Update

The 2012 United States National Dragon Boat Team competed this past week at the 2012 ICF World Dragon Boat Championships In Milan, Italy August 30 - September 2.

Seated up front are the Regional Coaching Staff of Dragon Boat USA (left to right): Marlen Zuniga-Dool, Leslie Crandell, Rocco English, Rob Olson, Laine Pepper, Jonathan Rivera, Head Coach Mike Blundetto, Jimmy Small, Timmy Hughes, Jomarie Martinez, Randy Crow.

Dragon Boat USA's 78 member team competed in the following the following events:

Both Senior and Master Men, Women and Mixed in the 200m, 500m and 2000m ten and twenty person boats.

Opening Ceremonies:

Team USA Flag barers: Brittany Blundetto, Melina Blundetto on the hand held flag. Beth Schatzberg with the flag pole. Isabella Blundetto and Ashley Wald with the Dragon Boat USA flag.

Team Members walking in

Team USA's Ashley Blundetto sites the International Canoe Federation's Athletes Oath:

"On behalf of all athletes, I promise that we will participate at these Dragon Boat World Championships in Milan, respecting and observing all the rules of our sport.

We engage in the real spirit of sport loyalty without doping in order to affirm the glory of the sport and give honor to our Nations".

Team USA results:

8 Bronze Medals

1 Silver Medal

Special Shout out:

The 10 person boats allow for coaches around the world to put the 10 best possible people in the boats. When it comes to the mixed crews, this too is the case and all teams have the very best men and women paddlers in the boats for these events (6 men, 4 women, a caller and steersmen race).

Team USA proved it has some of the best men and women paddlers in the world by winning Bronze Medals in both the Senior and Masters 10 person mixed 200m finals.

Senior Mixed (pictured above) 200m Final Results:

Lane 1 - Sweden

Lane 2 - Russia - Silver

Lane 3 - Hungary

Lane 4 - Philippines - Gold

Lane 5 - USA - Bronze

Lane 6 - Poland

Paddling the Finals for Team USA:


Melina Blundetto

Left side:

Mike Blundetto Sr

Ashley Blundetto

Alejandro Schweinheld

Rocco English

Brittany Blundetto

Right Side:

Mike Blundeto Jr.

Rich Stewart

Jimmy Small

Leslie Crandell

Jaimi Muehl


Randy Crow

2012 ICF World Championship Senior Mixed 10 person Bronze Medalists:(Front row left to right) Jomarie Martinez, Rich Stewart, Anna Crawford, Sean Pangelinan, Jaimi Muehl, Ashley Blundetto, Mike Blundetto Jr., Brittany Blundetto, Mike Blundetto Sr., Melina Blundetto, Rocco English, (back row left to right) Leslie Crandell, Randy Crow, Alejandro Schweinheld, Aditya Kadam (DA), Jimmy Small, Ethan Jackson

2012 ICF World Championship Master Mixed 10 person Bronze Medalists:(front row left to right) Ferman Logncob, Marlen Zuniga-Dool, Mas Nash, Anne Blanchard,Franzi Petermann, Robert Smith, Raymond Vinole, James Small, Dave Wald, Geri Nuevo, Jill Bergess, (back row left to right) Leslie Crandell, Tom Hellwig, Mike Blundetto, Terry Lansdell, Laine Pepper

2012 ICF World Championship Master Women 10 person 200m, 500m, 2000m Bronze Medalists, 20 person 200m, 500m Bronze Medalist and 2000m Silver Medalists: (front row left to right) Hildren Fransis, Joy Simmons, Marcia Klingensmith,Jan Nicholosi Fischer , Jill Bergess, Laura Patton, Elizabeth Toro, Geri Nuevo,Jennifer Edo, Cathy Nixon-Heibel, Beth Schatzberg,Mas Nash, Raylene Movious, (back row left to right) Kevin Chan - Steersman, Franzi Petermann - caller, Mike Blunetto - Head Coach, Denise Bauer, Leslie Crandell, Anne Blanchard, Chris Padgett, Gigi Desain, Lori Crow, Marlen Zuniga-Dool, Joy Marshall, Tatjana Nightingale, Georgiana Lea Browning, Lisa Nichols (not seen in photo)

2012 ICF World Champions Senior Men 20 person 2000m Bronze Medalists: (front row left to right) Mark Magadia, Rich Stewart, Kevin Chan Alejandro Schweinheld, Zac Nickle, Franzi Peterman, Ashley Blundetto, Mike Blundetto Sr, Jimmy Small, Raymond Vinole, Sam Powel, Sean Pangelinan, (back row) Phucdanh Tran, Carlos Rivera, Prabhu Ramkumar, Randy Crow (steer), Aditya Kadam (DA), Nathan Salazar,James Caudill, Perter Lempesis, Tom Helwig, Tim Hughes, Rocco English, Ethan Jackson, Mike Blundetto Jr (not in photo)

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