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Wine, one sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight beyond the bliss of dreams. Be wise and taste.    ~ John Milton


Welcome to the latest issue of Eppelation e-news!


Not that we don't love Summer, because we do, but we also love the change in season which calls for heartier foods and heartier wines... think earthy flavors like mushrooms, spinach, lentils and Pinot Noir... we have a fabulously tasty vegetarian recipe for you to try - lentil mushroom crepes. We've lost track of the number of times we've whipped up this dish (and how many bottles of Pinot we've drunk). No idea where the recipe came from, but it is one of our favorites, and despite being a veggie dish, it's very hearty. 


Read on for wine class updates, including details on two new wine class venues, a new wine quiz, and tips for wine tasters.


We hope to see you soon in a wine tasting class.



Mark & Karen Eppel

wine tasting classes


We're taking Eppelation to Longmont!


Your Place or Vine, Longmont's newest, hippest wine bar, has invited Eppelation to do a wine tasting class as part of their "Uncorked" event series.  Join us for our favorite Wine & Cheese tasting on Tuesday 27 September at Your Place or Vine at 6:00pm. Spread the word to your Longmont friends! To register, click here.



...and to Loveland!


It's a busy month ahead ....we will also be doing an intimate Wine & Cheese tasting at Loveland's newest boutique wine store, Brix Wine & Spirits, which opens October 3rd.  For all you Loveland wine-lovers this class is for you!  Mark October 18 from 6:30pm in your calendar and make your reservation here.


wine elements: back to basics


Back in Ft. Collins we have one more September wine tasting class, Wine Elements: Back to Basics. If you'd like to introduce some friends to wine tasting, or want to learn the tricks of the trade for yourself, this is a great class that will teach you how to taste wine in a few easy steps. This sensory evaluation will awaken your senses and open up your world of wine! Register here. There are a handful of seats still available.


October tasting classes


You can also look forward to our Hola! Rioja! and Argentina with a twist of Chile wine tasting classes in October in Ft. Collins.




hola! rioja! Rioja is one of Spain's most famous and respected wine regions but there is more to it than just Tempranillo. Explore the nuances of Rioja reds and taste some lesser known but equally fabulous other wines from this incredible region.  


Argentina with a twist of Chile -Argentina is the powerhouse of the South American wine industry and has some truly remarkable wines and talented winemakers. Talk about cutting edge! This introduction to Argentina will surprise and delight your palate, and we'll briefly visit neighboring Chile for a real wine treat! 


For details on this and other tasting classes, please visit our website


September Facebook special: There's still time to "like" us on Facebook and receive a 15% discount off any class for the rest of the year if you register for a class by 9/30/11.



mark your calendar

Check our news & events page for full details of upcoming wine-related events. To tantalize your taste buds here's a brief synopsis.


  • Friday 9/23 - A Vintage Affair wine tasting benefit
  • Monday 2/26 - Wine Elements: Back to Basics wine class
  • Tuesday 9/27 -  Wine & Cheese wine class
  • Tuesday 10/4 - Wine dinner benefit at Fish restaurant, Ft. Collins
  • Monday 10/10 - Hola! Rioja! wine class
  • Tuesday 10/18 - Wine & Cheese wine class
  • Monday 10/24 - Argentina with a twist of Chile wine class



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tips for tasters


If you're new to wine tasting, here are a few tips that will help you navigate the world of wine. If you're a seasoned taster, these are great reminders that wine tasting doesn't have to be about fancy, expensive wines, but about experimenting.


Go to as many wine tastings as you can.  Many wine retailers host free wine tastings on a regular basis and this is a great place to try new wines. There are also classes (which you already know about because you're on our mailing list!), wine tasting dinners at local restaurants, and plenty of wine tasting benefits supporting local causes.


Make friends with someone knowledgeable in your local wine store. They will be a good, and willing, source of information on all things wine and can point you in a new direction.


Experiment! Experiment!Experiment! Don't be afraid to try a bottle of wine that has apparently "alien" text on the label. It's possible you'll be turned onto a gem of a bottle... if you love it, it's a great dinner-party conversation point. Look in the non-domestic wine sections and pick a price point that works for you, get some advice and go for it.  There are some obscure varietals out there which are worth trying. Ever had a Grillo from Italy, an Austrian Blaufränkisch, Seyval Blanc from New York State, or a French Tennat?  All really delicious, but a little harder to find.


Open yourself to trying a new wine every week or month. It doesn't have to be expensive. Just steer clear of the bulk brands and don't fall into the trap of drinking the same varietal over and over again. You'll skew your palate!


If you find a wine you like, buy a few bottles but don't fill your cellar with it. Your tastes will change and evolve as you learn and experiment, so keep your cellar diverse.


Flirt with food and wine pairings. Good pairings will take your wine appreciation to another level and keep you interested in trying new combinations. If in doubt, do a little research online for some guidelines.


Don't get hung up on trying & buying wines with high ratings.  Highly rated wines are usually good, but plenty of great wines are unrated... wineries don't always want to send precious wines to the raters for review, so the best review is your own palate.


Keep a wine tasting journal and take notes, or take a photo of the label if you're a visual person! Even if your notes are simply - "I loved this wine", "smells like a barnyard but tastes amazing.." or more detailed about the aroma, flavor and texture of the wine, if it works for you, stick with it. It's fun to look back and see what you've tasted and how your tastes have changed.




web updates

wine & food page Visit our wine & food page for a rustic, tasty Lentil & Mushroom Crepe recipe. Feel free to share your own great pairings with us and tell us if you've tried out our recipes!


news & events page - Check out our news & events page for wine related events and class updates. Let us know if there's an event you think is worth sharing and we'll post it here.


fun facts & wine terminology - What's our new fun wine fact and new wine term? Visit our homepage to find out. Feel free to email us requests.


wine quiz

Our wine quiz will test your wine region knowledge this time around.  Click here for the answers.


1. Where is the Columbia Valley wine region?


2. Jumilla is a wine region in which country?


3. What French wine region does the wine Chateauneuf-du-Pape come from?


4. Which region in Argentina is best known for Malbec and Torrentes?


5. In which country is the wine region of McLaren Vale?



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