LMI Helping Keep Families Together
"Keeping Families Together" -

Dear Customer,


Thank you for your time.


We know your time is valuable and at LMI we want you and your family to spend as much quality time as possible. 


LMI needs your assistance to help save the family structure and save our youths.


At LMI we're working every day to ensure every child has a quality education, every family has a stable income, and all Americans enjoy good health. But to continue our vital work, we need your support.



LMI is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.




Ronnie E. Alexander

Executive Director

Life Management Institute



Visit our blog, your input can help us keep families together.

Keeping Families Together


Saving Our Youth

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Please join the LMI Blog and give your input on how we can better serve and save our youth and "Keep Families Together"





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