Woof Pack Pet Services - February Newsletter
Woof Pack Pet Services - February Newsletter

Alot is going on with the Pack this winter, daycare has been in full swing, all of our winter classes are already full and we are heading to numerous workshops and seminars. We  have had two  breeds new to the pack

join us this month!

Red is a 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who came to us all the way from Alabama!

Max is a 

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen or PBGV for short. Also sometimes called the "happy" breed!

We would also like to welcome Finn, Clara, Naomi, Harry and Penny to our daycare program!

Stuff we 

Want to spread the love this Valentines Day?? I am always looking for ways to give back through things I do everyday. 

One way I have I

found is through the Animal Rescue Site. This website has a huge selection of reasonably priced cute stuff for you, gifts for others, or your pets! 

The best part is every purchase funds food and care for rescued animals. Want to support other causes? They have plenty to choose from like Hunger, Veterans, Breast Cancer, Austism, Child Health, Literacy and the Rainforest. 


Top Ten Winter Skin & Paw Care Tips ( if we ever get to Winter!)

Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air and chilly rain, sleet and snow can cause chapped paws and itchy, flaking skin, but these aren’t the only discomforts pets can suffer. Winter walks can become downright dangerous if chemicals from ice-melting agents are licked off of bare paws.Says Dr. Louise Murray, ASPCA Director of Medicine, “During the winter, products used as de-icers on sidewalks and other areas can lead to trouble for our animal companions, potentially causing problems ranging from sore feet to internal toxicity. Pet parents should take precautions to minimize their furry friends' exposure to such agents.”To help prevent cold weather dangers from affecting your pet’s paws and skin, please heed the following advice from our experts:

  • Repeatedly coming out of the cold into the dry heat can cause itchy, flaking skin. Keep your home humidified and towel dry your pet as soon as he comes inside, paying special attention to his feet and in between the toes. 
  • Trim long-haired dogs to minimize the clinging of ice balls, salt crystals and de-icing chemicals that can dry on the skin. (Don’t neglect the hair between the toes!) 
  • Bring a towel on long walks to clean off stinging, irritated paws. After each walk, wash and dry your pet’s feet to remove ice, salt and chemicals—and check for cracks in paw pads or redness between the toes. 
  • Bathe your pets as little as possible during cold spells. Washing too often can remove essential oils and increase the chance of developing dry, flaky skin. If your pooch must be bathed, ask your vet to recommend a moisturizing shampoo and/or rinse. 
  • Dressing your pet in a sweater or coat will help to retain body heat and prevent skin from getting dry. 
  • Booties help minimize contact with painful salt crystals, poisonous anti-freeze and chemical ice-melting agents. They can also help prevent sand and salt from getting lodged in between bare toes, causing irritation. Use pet-friendly ice melts whenever possible.
  • Massaging petroleum jelly into paw pads before going outside helps to protect from salt and chemical agents. And moisturizing after a good toweling off helps to heal chapped paws. 
  • Brushing your pet regularly not only gets rid of dead hair, but also stimulates blood circulation, improving the skin’s overall condition. 
  • Pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in wintertime, sometimes causing dehydration. Feeding your pet a little bit more during the cold weather and making sure she has plenty of water to drink will help to keep her well-hydrated, and her skin less dry. 
  • Remember, if the weather’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet. Animal companions should remain indoors as much as possible during the winter months and never be left alone in vehicles when the mercury drops.


Happy Birthday to Bella - she is in our daycare program and we had a blast of a party! She is 3 years old, loves to fetch and she also loves socks!


We had a blast at the Winter Paws Pet Show in Blowing Rock. Samson and I made a lot of new friends including this purple poodle!

Congratulations to Maddie 

( far left below) for placing in the top 3 of Best in Show.  Maddie did great in class this year and she was also also the Best Dancer Pawsitive Progress award winner. Check out those leg warmers! Way to Go!

Paws for a Cause

Avery County Humane Society


The new Avery County Humane Society shelter will be opening very soon and they need volunteers!

The new shelter will be located behind Ingles in Newland. 

The new shelter features 

  • bright, open design with welcoming and hospitable atmosphere
  • more opportunities to volunteer
  • more chances to participate in educational programs
  • more ways for the community to get involved with the welfare of animals
  •  21,128 square feet of space for people and animals
  • almost half of that space is dedicated directly to animal care
  • play areas for the animals
  • adoption rooms where families can meet and get to know a pet before they commit to bringing the animal into their household
They have lots of  great stuff at their Paws and Claws resale store.
Avery Humane Society also does low cost spay and neuter programs as well as shot clinics.

To learn more about the new shelter and volunteer opportunities please visit http://www.averyhumane.org


Valentine's Day is the day when we cherish our loved ones and shower them with affection. We each choose a valentine and make every effort to show that special someone just how much we truly appreciate him or her. But who says "that someone" has to be human? For everyone who's "in love" with a furry, four-legged canine, let's take a moment to reflect on why we're so crazy about our dogs.

1. My dog joyously greets me every time I come home.
2. My dog is always in the mood to cuddle.

3. My dog never leaves the toilet seat up.
4. My dog enjoys long walks on the beach.

5. My dog never complains about my cooking.

6. My dog helps me clean up spills in the kitchen.

7. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the covers.
8. My dog shares my belief that there's never a wrong time for a nap.

9. My dog doesn't fight with me about what show we should watch on TV.
10. My dog loves me unconditionally.

For more information about all of the services we offer, please visit 


Thanks to each and every one of you. We couldn't love what we do more!

The Team at Woof Pack 



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